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Will Decaffeinated Coffee be the Drink of 2017?

Decaf coffee has come a long way in recent years and hasseen manufacturers develop their production methods in order to create a drinkthat reflects the same taste of our beloved cup of coffee.

Studies show that an average of 6% of consumers now orderdecaffeinated coffee as their daily drink instead of regular coffee.

This surge in popularity coincides with a generation ofpeople who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and has seen the introduction ofnew products and trends such as gluten-free foods and protein-enhanced foods.

Decaffeinated coffee appeals to a great many people who haveproblems or adverse effects to caffeine including those who find that caffeinedisturbs their sleep or raises their blood pressure and pregnant orbreast-feeding mothers who are advised to severely limit their caffeine intake.

In recent years, the methods of creating decaf coffee havecome on significantly and no longer rely on harsh chemicals to complete theprocess of extracting the caffeine whilst retaining that amazing coffee flavourthat we’ve all grown to love.

It is however important to note that decaf-coffee is notcompletely caffeine free and whilst it will contain lower-levels of caffeinethan regular caffeinated coffee you will still need to check your levels if youhave any medical concerns.

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