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Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

From the rich, velvety aroma to the bittersweet balance of full-bodied flavours, few pleasures in life come close to the perfect cup of coffee. With our commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines, you can bring that luxury into your everyday life, enjoying freshly ground coffee from the comfort of your workplace – simply at the touch of a button. We’re not just talking about your average cup of Joe. We’re talking creamy, barista-style brews to delight the senses – prepared with the world’s finest coffee beans for the ultimate flavour.

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  • CM VS1 Espresso B2C Machine
  • Franke A300 Coffee Machine With Milk Fridge
  • Franke A600 Coffee Machine with Milk Fridge
  • Franke A800 Coffee Machine With FoamMaster Milk System
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Discover Superior Coffee with a Coffee Masters Commercial Bean-to-Cup Machine

Here at Coffee Masters, our passion for the world’s most loved beverage drives us to provide only exceptional commercial coffee machines. We specialise in supplying state-of-the-art, feature-packed coffee machines designed to exceed all expectations. Our contemporary bean-to-cup commercial coffee machines are designed with style and sophistication to serve your guests, visitors, and employees a diverse range of customisable hot beverages at the touch of a button, and it all begins with freshly ground coffee beans. For a coffee experience that echoes the skill of a barista, choose our bean-to-cup coffee machines.


The Benefits of Bean-To-Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

Our bean-to-cup coffee machines are not just tools, they're game-changers. They deliver a unique blend of superior performance and convenience that’s sure to impress any coffee enthusiast. Here are just some of the great reasons to add a commercial bean-to-cup coffee to your business. 


Fresh Flavour, Anytime

Bid farewell to waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy your coffee. Our fully automatic machines grind a range of fresh coffee beans and mix your perfect brew, delivering a coffee experience that matches the best of cafés in just a few moments.


Simplify Your Coffee Routine

No expertise is required, only a desire for great coffee. Simply fill your machine with your chosen beans, pick your drink and let it create magic. Built-in cleaning and rinsing mechanisms ensure optimal hygiene, promising a hassle-free coffee adventure.


Unleash the Variety

Our commercial bean-to-cup machines provide an extensive array of coffee variants right at your fingertips. Whether you crave a classic cappuccino, an irresistible macchiato, or a comforting hot chocolate, the machine caters to all.


Economically and Environmentally Friendly

Invest in a professional coffee machine and discover its long-term value. Our top-of-the-range bean-to-cup machines promote eco-friendly practices by eliminating the need for disposable coffee pods, and always with an eye on the environment too. All while saving you money on takeaway drinks.


Show Your Appreciation

A great cup of coffee can work wonders. Whether for your clients, visitors or staff, our bean-to-cup coffee machines are sure to delight. Enhance their experience with café-quality coffee and promote positivity and productivity within your business.


Redefine Style with Our Commercial Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

At Coffee Masters, our commitment to coffee is unrivalled. Our selection of best-in-market commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines radiate with elegance, providing a modern and sleek addition to your workspace. The irresistible allure of barista-quality coffee awaits you with our commercial coffee machines.


Uncover the Magic of Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

As a fellow coffee connoisseur, we encourage you to explore our selection of commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines. The unparalleled quality of the coffee produced by these machines will leave you captivated. Need advice on picking the ideal machine? Apart from selecting the right-sized machine to cater to your unique needs, here are four key features that should influence your decision.


Intuitive Interface

Experience ease of operation with a machine that boasts a sophisticated touch interface. Users can effortlessly navigate through the available options on the vibrant LED screen, selecting their preferred hot beverage with a simple touch. Additionally, touch screens promote enhanced hygiene, as the flat surface can be effortlessly cleaned.


Fast Brew Times

Our fully automated coffee machines deliver your perfect cup of coffee within moments. Imagine savouring a cup of freshly ground coffee crowned with creamy froth in less than a minute – it's all possible with Coffee Masters.


Vast Variety

Our machines provide a great selection of drinks at the touch of a button. From classic favourites like delicious lattes and cappuccinos to espressos, flat whites, macchiatos and beyond – every coffee enthusiast is catered for. With a fine selection of syrups, toppings and sauces available too, the customisation options are virtually endless.


Elegant Design

The design aesthetics of your bean-to-cup coffee machine should also factor into your decision. Opt for a machine that adds to the elegance of your business or office, blending effortlessly with your existing decor. Our timeless designs not only enhance visual appeal but ensure your machine continues to look great over time.


Experience the Coffee Masters Difference: For the Love of Coffee

Coffee Masters is the choice of true coffee aficionados. As devoted enthusiasts of the brew ourselves, we understand the vital role coffee plays in our daily lives. We channel our passion into every cup, leveraging over three decades of experience to ensure our customers only the most exceptional bean-to-cup machines available.


With Coffee Masters, the advantages extend beyond pioneering technology. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes an unrivalled level of service and establishing trusted, enduring relationships with our clients. This gives you the reassurance you need, knowing you have a team of coffee experts always ready to support your needs. Choose Coffee Masters and experience the blend of premium technology and outstanding service that defines us.

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Commercial Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines | FAQs

Are bean-to-cup coffee machines worth it?

Absolutely! Bean-to-cup coffee machines are a coffee lover's best friend, providing the freshest, richest coffee available. Leveraging a built-in grinder, these machines offer an unparalleled coffee experience that can rival even the best café offerings. Choose a Coffee Masters machine, and you'll elevate your coffee-drinking experience to a level beyond the ordinary.


What makes a coffee machine a bean-to-cup?

A bean-to-cup coffee machine is a coffee maker that can automatically grind whole coffee beans and brew a cup of coffee with minimal manual effort. It eliminates the need for pre-ground coffee and allows you to enjoy the freshest coffee flavour by grinding beans on demand. It’s essentially the closest you can get to barista-style coffee from an espresso machine but in a compact, easy-to-use machine.


Bean-to-cup vs semi-automatic - what's the difference?

Your involvement in the coffee-making process distinguishes between bean-to-cup and semi-automatic machines. Semi-automatic or piston machines call for your expertise in grinding and water adjustment. In contrast, bean-to-cup machines complete every step internally, simplifying operation even for beginners. Modern bean-to-cup machines offer numerous programmable options, empowering you to personalise your coffee at the press of a button.


Bean-to-cup vs espresso machines - which one is for me?

An espresso machine demands the skill to grind, tamp, extract coffee, steam milk, and pour coffee, suiting experienced baristas. However, if convenience is your priority, the commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine is your match. Its automated processes ensure anyone can enjoy high-quality coffee instantly, making it an excellent choice for bustling workplaces or homes.


Should I invest in a commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine?

Enthusiasm for excellent coffee at your business aligns perfectly with our commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines. Their long-term benefits include exceptional coffee, reduced café visits, and minimal maintenance. They foster a positive and productive atmosphere by satisfying the coffee cravings of customers and employees alike.


Are bean-to-cup coffee machines superior to pod machines?

Yes, and for good reasons. Although both machine types offer user-friendly operation, bean-to-cup machines stand out in larger settings, such as busy offices. Initially, these machines may seem costlier, but their cost per cup proves more economical than pod machines in the long run. Additionally, they offer higher quality, environmentally friendly coffee and allow personalised adjustments to your beverages. Finally, they promise easier cleaning, providing further convenience, especially when chosen from our curated range at Coffee Masters.


How much coffee per cup should I use?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this, as your preferred taste, chosen beans and type of coffee will influence this measure. Our free-mix machines offer the flexibility to customise the quantity of freshly ground coffee per cup, giving you full control over your coffee's strength and flavour. That’s the joy of being a coffee connoisseur – there are no restrictions.

Dive into the world of gourmet coffee with Coffee Masters and turn your everyday coffee into an extraordinary experience. The journey to exceptional coffee starts here.