Tips on Buying the Best Commercial Coffee Machine

There was a time when most people thought coffee was just coffee, and few people knew what they were missing. Thankfully, we now live in a world where coffee is considered an art form and each drink can be created to the precise and exacting tastes of each customer. But to do that, you’re going to need the best commercial coffee machine for your needs, the best beans and equipment and possibly even barista training.

Coffee Masters are your go-to source for premium commercial coffee machines, beans and accessories. We believe wholeheartedly in the perfect cup of coffee and work hard to ensure all our clients go away from Coffee Masters with the equipment and knowledge to make really great tasting, eco-friendly and ethical drinks.

In this blog, our expert baristas will explore the key factors to consider when purchasing a commercial coffee machine, with a particular focus on bean-to-cup coffee machines and commercial espresso machines. Whether you're looking for a top-notch bean-to-cup experience or a high-performance espresso machine, we've got you covered.



What Are Commercial Coffee Machines?


Commercial coffee machines are specifically designed for high-volume settings such as cafés, restaurants, offices and hospitality establishments. These machines are built to withstand continuous use and deliver consistent quality coffee throughout the day. With advanced features and capabilities, commercial coffee machines offer a level of performance that exceeds that of standard home models.


How Do Commercial Coffee Machines Differ from Home Models?


Commercial coffee machines differ from home models in several aspects. Firstly, they are engineered for durability, ensuring they can handle the demands of heavy usage. Commercial machines also feature larger boilers and multiple group heads, enabling them to produce more than one espresso shot simultaneously. Moreover, commercial machines often offer advanced pre-programming and customisation options, allowing for precise control over brewing parameters such as water temperature and extraction time.

Commercial coffee machines can be broadly split into two categories: commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines and commercial espresso machines. There are distinct differences between the two.

·        Commercial Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines: These machines are designed to provide a fully automated experience, from grinding fresh coffee beans to delivering a ready-to-serve cup of coffee at the touch of a button. These machines often come equipped with integrated grinders, ensuring the use of freshly ground coffee for each cup.

·        Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines: These machines are the preferred choice for those crafting artisanal espresso-based beverages. These machines require skilled baristas to manually grind, dose, tamp and extract espresso shots. Professional control options allow baristas to fine-tune variables such as coffee bean grind size, water temperature and extraction time, resulting in personalised and nuanced flavours for espresso connoisseurs.

The choice between bean-to-cup and espresso machines ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of your establishment, whether it's a bustling café or a speciality coffee shop.


Where Are the Ideal Locations for Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines?


Bean-to-cup coffee machines are particularly appealing in venues that prioritise consistency, efficiency and ease of use. In office environments, bean-to-cup machines provide convenience, allowing your employees to enjoy freshly brewed coffee without leaving the building. They are also suitable for cafés and self-service areas like hotels, motorway service stations and supermarket coffee shops, where customers can experience the full aroma and flavour of freshly ground beans at the touch of a button.


Where Are the Ideal Locations for Espresso Coffee Machines?


Espresso coffee machines shine in settings that prioritise a barista-driven coffee experience. High-end cafés and specialty coffee shops often opt for espresso machines to offer a wide range of espresso-based beverages, including cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. The artistry and customisation possibilities provided by commercial espresso machines make them an ideal fit for establishments that value the artisanship and personal touch of a skilled barista.


The Benefits of Good Coffee in the Workplace


At Coffee Masters, as well as supplying high-end commercial coffee machines to cafés, hotels, events and other public arenas, we also supply commercial coffee solutions to offices that are looking to provide quality coffee to their employees. Investing in a quality commercial coffee machine brings numerous benefits to the workplace.

A well-brewed cup of coffee can boost employee morale, productivity and satisfaction. It creates a positive environment and encourages social interactions, fostering a sense of community among colleagues. Additionally, having a high-quality coffee machine on-site can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on coffee runs or visits to coffee shops during breaks. All you need to do is decide on the ideal machine for your business.


Tips on Buying the Right Coffee Machine for Your Needs and Location


The experts here at Coffee Masters are always on hand to help you find the best commercial coffee machine for your business, we even provide a coffee shop start-up service should you require additional guidance. Here are some steps to take when you’re ready to buy a commercial coffee machine:

·        Assess Your Specific Needs: Consider how much coffee you think you’ll serve every day, the number of beverage options you want to offer, your available space and your budget.

·        Determine The Ideal Location: Based on your business, evaluate whether a bean-to-cup machine or an espresso machine (which requires a barista) would be more suitable.

·        Focus On Brewing Capacity: With espresso machines, choose a machine with the appropriate number of boilers and group heads to efficiently meet your peak demands.

·        Prioritise User-Friendliness: For office and self-service areas, opt for coffee machines with intuitive interfaces, programmable settings and clear instructions.

·        Energy Efficiency: Choose energy-efficient models or those with energy-saving features to reduce environmental impact and save on operational costs.

·        Balance Between Budget and Quality: Aim for a coffee machine that offers the best value for your investment, considering long-term benefits and returns.

When you come to Coffee Masters for advice and guidance, we aim to make everything we do straightforward, adaptable and simple to grasp. We won’t try to confuse you with pointless jargon and will instead explain things in straightforward terms, ensuring you invest in the very best commercial coffee machine for your needs.


Commercial Coffee Machines from the Coffee Masters


 Selecting the best commercial coffee machine for your business requires careful consideration of your specific needs, desired location and the type of coffee experience you want to provide. With a focus on commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines and commercial espresso machines, Coffee Masters ensures that you have access to only the finest coffee equipment and consumables.

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