Go Green and Switch to Compostable Coffee Cups

Back in April, we wrote a blog post about compostable coffee cups and how they might help combat the government’s plans to introduce a tax on disposable coffee cups.

Since then, we’ve been bombarded with a high demand for eco-friendly disposables, which is why we are now stocking fully compostable coffee cups and lids from Vegware.

Traditional coffee cup packaging that’s made from plastics and paper are difficult and expensive to recycle. They cost the planet and cost business owners extra to recycle them.

Our new Vegware coffee cups and lids however are made from plant-based PLA, making them 100% compostable.

Compostable packaging is especially effective for small businesses where waste needs to be more effectively managed and can help to send less waste to landfill.

You can buy Vegware compostable cups from the Coffee Masters website. What are you waiting for? Help the planet and start lowering your carbon footprint today.

What do you think? Are compostable coffee cups a good idea? Shop our full range of disposables here.