What to eat with your coffee

I love food. Almost as much as Coffee.

So as I was drinking my coffee this morning I got to thinking about what food should be eaten with my favourite drink…

You know the old food and drink combos: -

•Red wine and steak

•Port and cheese

•Smoked Salmon and champagne


But what about coffee? Is it so fantastic it needs to be enjoyed completely on its own, or does it become even more amazing when paired with a particular food?

So I figured I’d do some research and hoped to come up with some groundbreaking information on how to enjoy your roasted beans the most.

Without knowing it, we do already pair our coffee with sweet pastry dishes – think about it – muffins, doughnuts, croissants – are all usually eaten in the morning, or at your favourite coffee shop with a cup of your favourite coffee.


What I discovered by researching was that, like wine, the food that goes with your coffee actually depends on the body and acidity of your coffee.

Body: This is how heavy and full the coffee is. Some coffees are crisp and light, whilst others are heavier. The body is measured in a range from Light to Full.

Acidity: This is how bright (or tangy) a particular coffee is, and ranges on a scale from Low to High.

By understanding the above, it becomes easier to pair food and coffee. 

So there you have it. Personally, I think that the best way to enjoy coffee is to, well, enjoy it, whichever way you prefer!