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Coffee Masters aim to provide tailored solutions, helping you make great coffee - coffee that enhances your reputation encourages footfall and boosts profit. We also specialise in refreshingly different barista training and supply a wide range of commercial coffee machines and equipment, coffee ingredients, other drinks and accompaniments.

Our point of difference? A genuine team passion that results in trusted business support; industry knowledge and empathy from which we build partnerships.

Coffee Masters

A Love Of Coffee And People

With over 30 years of food service industry experience, the creation of a new business to inspire and support the coffee trade was a natural step for Alan. Coffee Masters was set up in 2014, with a mission to pass on his passion for the perfect cup of coffee!

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Meet Our Team

  • Meet our The Boss Alan


    The Boss

    Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Alan established Coffee Masters in 2014 after dedicating over three decades to the foodservice industry. With a blend of experience and creativity, Alan takes immense joy in witnessing customer satisfaction, and in watching the business grow and prosper; all of which is made possible by his skilled and dedicated team!

  • Meet our HR Extraordinaire Robert


    HR Extraordinaire

    Meet Robert, our dedicated in-house HR specialist who is responsible for caring for our exceptional team as well as ensuring the smooth operation of our business! Robert offers professional guidance, assisting staff with policies and procedures to ensure alignment across the board. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in our recruitment process when we're seeking new talent to join our dynamic team.

  • Meet our The Real Boss Lauren


    The Real Boss

    Lauren is the orchestrator behind the scenes, ensuring the seamless operation of all facets at Coffee Masters! A key item on her daily checklist involves maintaining communication with the team and suppliers, ensuring everyone is happy and well-organised. With years of experience at Coffee Masters, Lauren possesses an in-depth understanding of all areas of the business, making her the go-to person for any questions you might have.

  • Meet our Systems & IT Wizard Stu


    Systems & IT Wizard

    Stu is the linchpin responsible for maintaining and optimising our systems across all departments at Coffee Masters! His responsibilities are vital in ensuring seamless coordination among all team members, as he not only creates innovative solutions but also refines existing ones to guarantee everyone is on the same page.

  • Meet our Operations Manager Paul


    Operations Manager

    In our warehouse, Paul is the driving force behind the seamless flow of operations. Ensuring that our orders are consistently fulfilled on time, his responsibilities include overseeing the receipt of goods and managing dispatch operations. Paul loves collaborating with his team to continually enhance processes, contributing to the ongoing success of Coffee Masters.

  • Meet our Engineer & Service Manager Dan


    Engineer & Service Manager

    Dan is a vital member of the Technical team, contributing not only to the repair and servicing of machines and equipment, but also by bringing an unparalleled depth of technical knowledge to the business. He is always available to address any queries and offer assistance in troubleshooting any issues that may arise – nothing is too much of a problem for Dan!

  • Meet our Finance Guru Catherine


    Finance Guru

    Introducing Catherine, our Finance Manager! As a key player behind the scenes, she oversees and ensures the seamless running of our financial operations and is the reason everything at Coffee Masters is so smoothly run!

  • Meet our Barista Trainer & Coffee Roaster Anthony


    Barista Trainer & Coffee Roaster

    Anthony is a passionate coffee enthusiast, and the ideal fit for our barista trainer role! His responsibilities include leading workshops, offering detailed yet relaxed programs tailored for baristas of all skill levels. Anthony loves to demonstrate products to our clients, crafting brilliant signature drinks, and assisting in planning clients' menus.

  • Meet our Sales Office Supervisor Verity


    Sales Office Supervisor

    Verity is the first voice you’ll hear when you reach out to our office! Greeting every caller with a smile, she plays a pivotal role in processing telephone orders and promptly addressing customer inquiries with dedication and precision. Verity is dedicated to ensuring our customers' needs are met consistently every single day.

  • Meet our Admin & Customer Service Assistant Amy


    Admin & Customer Service Assistant

    Much like Verity, Amy answers incoming phone calls and processes emails. Amy collaborates closely with our engineer, Dan, overseeing his schedule for services and repairs for coffee machine equipment so that your machines remain in pristine condition. Amy is readily available to address any questions and is always eager to assist!

  • Meet our Warehouse Supervisor David


    Warehouse Supervisor

    David is an integral part of the team responsible for managing the daily influx of warehouse goods. He dedicates time to locating, packing, and dispatching your orders promptly, ensuring that they reach you as expected. Additionally, David monitors deliveries and efficiently records new stock into the system, providing visibility for the entire Coffee Masters team!

  • Meet our Warehouse Superstar Richard


    Warehouse Superstar

    Richard operates within the warehouse, meticulously picking, packing, and organising orders to guarantee a timely dispatch and receipt. Richard is frequently engaged in receiving Coffee Masters' stock deliveries and utilises the stock management system to document any new arrivals, facilitating seamless management for the entire team.

  • Meet our Head Delivery Driver Steve M.

    Steve M.

    Head Delivery Driver

    Meet Steve, the latest addition to our dynamic warehouse team! When it comes to the final leg of your orders, Steve is the friendly face that will greet you upon delivery. With a passion for efficiency and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Steve ensures that your packages reach you in perfect condition and on time.

  • Meet our Heads Of Security Barney & Poppet

    Barney & Poppet

    Heads Of Security

    Saving the best for last - introducing Barney and Poppet, the most adorable members of our team! This delightful duo are frequently spotted catching some Zs in the office, searching for treats, engaging in playful antics with the team, and, best of all, they're always ready to provide the warmest hugs!


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