Why is it Important to Make Time for Tea?

The habit of taking afternoon tea is one that is integral to life in Britain. It originated in the 19th century thanks to Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford who often became hungry during the break between lunch and dinner and so used tea and biscuits to keep her hunger at bay.


The drink of tea itself became popular in the late 17th century courtesy of King Charles II. Today, you’ll struggle to find a Briton who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa in the afternoon, to wind down and chat about the day’s events, and it turns out that doing this is great for your health.


"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."
Henry James


Whilst drinking tea itself boasts a variety of health benefits from, boosting exercise endurance to protecting against cancer, the social aspect of drinking tea is also important for your mental and emotional health.


Taking the time to get together with others to talk about anything from the latest gossip to world events can give you the social interaction that you need to live a full and happy life. Even short periods of social interaction can tackle feelings of loneliness, depression and other mental health issues.


Taking afternoon tea is the perfect time to wind down and reconnect with those around you whilst enjoying the nation’s favourite beverage.

Do you make time for afternoon tea? Tell us, what’s your favourite brew?