How to make the perfect loose leaf tea

While we’re very proud of our Tea Masters silk prism teabags, nothing beats the ritual of making a pot of loose leaf tea. 

Given that it’s National Afternoon Tea Week next week, we thought we’d share a quick and easy guide to making the perfect cup of loose leaf tea. 

What you’ll need:

•    One Stump Teapot with infuser

•    Some Tea Masters loose leaf tea

•    A Tea Timer

•    A Bamboo Tea tray for serving


How to brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea in three steps:

1.    Use a heaped teaspoon (about 3g if you’re being precise) of loose leaf tea per person. Place the tea into your infuser.

2.    Add 8oz (or about 240ml) of freshly boiled water (see below for more about water temperatures)

3.    Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Our tea timers should give you the correct brewing time.

What temperature water should I use?

For black tea, we recommend using water fresh off the boil.

For green tea, we recommend using 80-degree water and brewing for only three minutes rather than four. This will prevent the tea from becoming too bitter to drink.

If you can’t control the temperature you boil water too, don’t worry! Simply add one part cold water to four parts hot water, and that should give you the correct temperature. 

Once the brewing time is up, pour into an 8oz cup or glass and enjoy!