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On-Demand vs Dosing Coffee Grinders – Which is Best?

Choosing the right coffee grinder for your business, justlike any other piece of essential equipment, shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The coffee grinder is crucial to creating the perfect cup ofcoffee and is directly responsible for determining the quality of theextraction.

Remember that no matter how good your coffee machine is, ifyou’re using a low quality grinder, you’ll get low quality coffee.

There are two types of grinders to choose from ‘On-Demand’and ‘Dosing’.

On-Demand CoffeeGrinders

On-demand coffee grinders are gaining more traction in thecoffee industry and becoming the more popular option due to their ability todeliver fresh coffee at each use.

The coffee beans are efficiently ground and then dispensedimmediately to avoid any loss of freshness.

Good quality on-demand grinders are also able to produceground coffee in a matter of seconds to help serve your customers much faster.

Dosing CoffeeGrinders

Dosing grinders work well in extremely busy situations asthey produce large amounts of ground coffee in advance by filling a container.The barista then simply dispenses his/her shot from the container whenrequired.

The main issue with this method is that if the coffeegrounds are left for long periods of time the coffee will lose its freshnessand become unusable (experts say that ground coffee only lasts for 15-45minutes before it loses all the lovely flavours).

We supply both Dosing and On-Demand Coffee Grinders and youcan shop our entire range on the Coffee Masterswebsite.

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