What is a Cortado?

If you do a google translate search for the word cortado you’ll see that the translation from Spanish is ‘Chopped Up’ – a strange name when applied to a cup of coffee…well, maybe not.

Cortado coffee has been in circulation for quite some time but is only now gaining popularity with the masses.

If you find lattes and cappuccinos too milky, but espresso’s too strong, the cortado could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cortado literally means ‘to cut’ (or to dilute – which makes more sense in the world of coffee) and originates from Spain.

To create the perfect cortado you take an espresso and mix it with an equal amount of warm milk, thus reducing the acidity and creating a slightly larger beverage. The milk also serves to slightly cool the espresso allowing consumers to drink it much more quickly.

An important point to note is that the milk in a cortado is not frothed or foamy such as it is in a flat white, but is much denser, and only very lightly steamed.

With larger, fancier drinks taking over the coffee market, can we find a place for the small but prominently flavoured Cortado?

Have you tried a Cortado? What do you think of this small but mighty drink?