Benefits of Coffee!

We figured that, as we are an independent, wholesale coffee company we should try to sell ourselves that little bit more (apart from the fact we are great!) by telling you about how amazing coffee is, and why so many people drink it.

You only have to google ‘why drink coffee’ and you get hit by a multitude of responses and images, our particular favourite image is below.

There have been many reports as to why coffee is drunk so widely, and also of the benefits of drinking coffee - scientists have confirmed many of these benefits after extensive research.

To help convince you, check out the following: -

-Coffee may well reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease;

-Coffee is a great help to those who enjoy the odd glass of wine, as it protects against Cirrhosis of the liver;

-Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop depression;

-Coffee can increase the burning of fat (caffeine is found in most commercial supplements for fat burning);

-Coffee drinkers have less chance of developing type 2 diabetes;

-Coffee can be a source of antioxidants;

-Coffee guards against gout;

-Coffee can make you more intelligent.

So now we have told you how good for you it is, as well as tasting great, why not give us a call to see how we can help you?

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