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Which is better for you, a bean-to-cup or espresso coffee machine?

Given all of the brands out there,it's difficult enough to choose the right commercial coffee machine inthe West Midlands without first considering the various types of coffeemachine available. Here at Coffee Masters, we stock instant, bean-to-cup andespresso machines, and the first of those is easy enough to understand – theyuse instant freeze-dried coffee and are all about speed and convenience. So,what distinguishes the bean-to-cup and the espresso machine for those of youwho only want to serve fresh bean coffee?

If you're looking for ease &speed from a coffee machine, it's difficult to look past the bean-to-cupvariety. This is an accessible and easy to use push-button coffee machine thatuses fresh or granulated milk and espresso coffee beans. It's a type of acoffee machine that very much caters for the modern need for speed and conveniencein a coffee shop, but that doesn't overly compromise on quality.

Hardly any training is needed to usea bean-to-cup machine, the built-in settings of which mean that beverages areproduced automatically. Although you'll need to clean it regularly to keep theoutput tasting great, every machine of this type does have its own cleaningcycle, which only makes it easier to use. If you don't want to have to train ateam member in brewing coffee only to watch them leave the company, abean-to-cup machine could be the perfect convenient solution. Take a look atthe range of bean-to-cup machines available from Coffee Masters here.

Ultimately, though, bean-to-cupmachines do place a greater emphasis on accessibility than quality. If it's thelatter that you truly want to the greatest degree, what you really need is atraditional espresso coffee machine. This type of machine is a bit morehands-on, and definitely requires more expertise than would be the case with anbean-to-cup machine. Espresso machines incorporate a pressurised boiler thatforces steam through freshly ground coffee, as produced by a separate grinder.

A traditional espresso machine isdefinitely the perfect choice if you're taking more of a 'money no object'approach to setting up a coffee shop, and want to employ well-trained baristasand give them the scope to express their creativity. Above all, these machinescreate only the highest quality coffee. There's a reason why they're a commonsight in such esteemed establishments as bars, restaurants and hotels. Checkout our range of espresso machines here.

If you’re considering the merits ofvarious coffee machines because you’re starting up your own coffee shop, thencontact us about our friendly ‘start-up and supplies’ service. We can give youone-on-one expert advice and impartial guidance that could save you both timeand money. Request a call back from one of our friendly team here.