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What to Do After UK Coffee Week?

UK Coffee Week takes place in April each year and itsprimary aim is to raise funds for coffee growing cultures by celebrating coffeeitself. What could be better?

Well, all funds raised go to Project Waterfall which helps to bring clean water andsanitation to coffee growing communities around the world.

Coffee Shops from all over the UK take part through avariety of activities. This could be anything from donating 5p from the cost ofa coffee to hosting an event or a competition.

With UK Coffee Week now overwe’ve put together some helpful advice to help keep the coffee spirit going.

Introduce a New Speciality Drink

We talk about specialitydrinks quite a lot here on the Coffee Masters blog and the reason is simple.Speciality drinks are amazing! They help to set your service apart from therest, they encourage customers to return to only you for their favouritebeverage and they’re fun to experiment with and make.

Follow this link for a beginner’s guide to creating your own specialitydrinks!

Are You Keeping Up with the Latest CoffeeTrends?

Coffee trends change asquickly as the latest fashions and if you don’t stay on top of these trends youcould find yourself falling behind in the Coffee game.

Why not Google the followingand see if there’s something new you can try?

- RainbowCoffee

- Nitro Coffee

- SpecialityCoffee

- CombinationBeverages – Tea and Coffee Combined!

- ColdBrew Coffee

The Rise of Fairtrade and Organic Coffee

Alongside speciality coffee,there has never been such a demand for quality, responsible coffee as there hasbeen so far in 2016. More and more coffee drinkers are demanding excellentquality, greater variety and organically, fair traded coffee than ever before.Are you meeting your customer’s expectations for high quality beverages?

Check out our Coffee Masters Coffees that are Fairtrade, Organic and RainforestAlliance Accredited.

Coffee Inspired Recipes

Do you serve food alongsideyour beverages? If not, have you considered it?

A great many customers who popin for their daily cup of joe might also be looking to pair their drink with atasty slice of cake or a coffee infused meal. You can check out a helpful listof coffee recipe ideas here.

Create a Buzz withCoffee Cocktails

Coffee Cocktails are rising in popularity, particularly amongbusy students and hard-working professionals. They can give you a buzz, whilsthelping you to unwind and relax after a stressful day studying or at theoffice.

Consider adding one of these 5alcoholic coffee drinks to your menu, or simply treat yourself after work!

How do you keep things fresh and exciting for your coffeeloving customers? Share your tips and ideas with us on Twitter @CoffeeMastersUK