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What makes our espresso coffee machines the very best?

If you're setting up a coffee shopfor the first time, alongside finding a good commercial premises and the rightbarista training, one of your uppermost priorities will be to choose the mostsuitable coffee machine. We are always advising our customers on how they canselect the best commercialcoffee machine in Warwickshire for their needs, and if you have decidedthat only the very best - an espresso coffee machine - will do, you can restassured of plenty of choice with us.

Don't be deterred by the fact thatall of our currently available espresso coffee machines are from the LaSpaziale brand. There's a very good reason for that - it is simply one of thebest brands of commercial coffee machine on the market today. Consider, forexample, the company's S2 EK coffee machine. This electronic coffee machinewith its automatic dose setting can be specified in 1, 2 or 3 group iterationsand boasts such features as a built-in pump, electric heating system, 3Lboiler, pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control.

The S2 EK espresso coffee machine isfurther distinguished from the pack by its stainless steel body, single hotwater outlet and boiler heating element safety thermostat, as well as suchoptions as a side panel lit by LED strips and an upgraded boiler heatingelement. Similarly impressive, however, is the La Spaziale S5 EK coffee machine,with its formidable specification that includes an electronic boiler refill,electric heating system and double pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressurecontrol.

The S5 EK machine, our best sellerin the Espresso range, has one hot water outlet and two steam wands, while theboiler temperature is indicated by the LED display. The range of availableoptions, meanwhile, encompasses an MAT Automatic system for milk emulsion withadjustable temperature, as well as ITC individual temperature control for eachdelivery group. Or perhaps you want to specify your S5 EK machine with a chromeor gold body, or with a GA Service scheduled control system and water softenercartridge control?

Whichever La Spaziale espressocoffee machine you choose, whether from the range you can see featured on our website,or indeed any other model (as we can get you any La Spaziale machine you wish),we can assure you that you really are benefitting from an exceptional qualityproduct - an Audi or BMW of the coffee machine world. Indeed, for any type ofcommercial coffee machine in Warwickshire, don't hesitate to browse ourup-to-date and comprehensive range right here at Coffee Masters.