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What Makes Drip Coffee Different?

Drip coffee is a traditional method of brewing coffee.Whereas most other coffee brewing methods such as espresso coffee are fast,producing a finished beverage almost instantly, drip coffee takes time andgreat care to produce the perfect brew.

Drip coffee is very scientific in its approach to crafting aflawless, full-flavoured cup of coffee. Coffee beans are ground much morecoarsely than others, to a medium ground.

Using a coffee dripper such as the Chemex6-Cup Classic Coffee Maker or TiamoCoffee Dripper a filter is added and the ground coffee is scooped into thetop.

Boiling water is then poured over the ground coffee and viathe force of gravity, nothing more, the water drips through the coffee grounds,absorbing the oils and essences, before passing through the filter and into thecontainer below, leaving you with the perfect cup of coffee, once the filterhas been removed.

As the process is much slower than other methods of coffeebrewing, the coffee grounds are in contact with the hot water for a greaterlength of time which produces a stronger, fuller flavour. It’s not surprisingthen that drip coffee typically contains more caffeine than a single shot ofespresso.

Drip coffee or filter coffee was first invented in 1908 andwas commonly used all over the world. However, the introduction of espresso andinstant coffee machines and other, faster ways of brewing coffee meant thatthis more traditional method was overlooked for quite some time.

Now it’s back in style as drip coffeemakers are becomingmore popular with people craving a full-flavoured, clear, sediment free cup of coffee.

What are you waiting for? Try a cup of drip coffee today andlet us know what you think on Twitter @CoffeeMastersUK