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What is Cold Brew Coffee and How Do I Make One?

Cold brewcoffee is one of a range of new coffee creations that have seen the light overthe past year and are now growing in popularity throughout the UK.

You might be asking yourself, what is cold brew coffee? Well, it’s exactly whatit says in the name. It’s coffee that’s brewed and served cold.

The methodbehind the madness is that cold or icy water changes the flavour produced whenyou use it to brew coffee. It creates a rich, sweet flavour that is oftendescribed as almost ‘boozy’.

It’s perfectfor those coffee connoisseurs who prefer their drinks without milk at all orwith very little and it’s a great looking drink to feature on your coffee menu.

You caneasily make this drink using just a cafetiere. Try it yourself by following theinstructions below:


· Coffee(100g for each litre of water)

· Coldmilk (optional)

· Plentyof brewing time!


1. Measure out your coffee (100g for eachlitre of water) and pour into a container to brew.

a. HINT: Use filtered water for the besttaste!

2. Brew for 6-12 hours if you’re usingwhole beans. Do a taste test at regular intervals to determine which taste youprefer.

3. If you’re using ground coffee, you’llonly need to brew for around 2-6 hours.

4. When you’ve achieved the desiredtaste, sieve the beans or ground coffee out of your Cold Brew coffee.

5. You can now serve your Cold Brewcoffee with cold milk, over ice with milk or black.

a. TIP: If serving black, dilute with theequivalent amount of water for the best taste.

Now go andexperiment. Try the Cold Brew coffee yourself and tweet us your finishedresults @CoffeeMastersUK