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What is Clear Coffee?

If you love drinking coffee, but worry about its effect on your teeth, two brothers in London seem to have created the solution you didn’t even know you were looking for – Clear Coffee.

Clear Coffee has been blowing up the internet, with everyone desperate to get their hands on the latest coffee trend.

Made from Arabica Coffee beans, sourced from Ethiopia and mixed with water, in a processing method that is yet undisclosed, the UK-based brand have produced, a previously unseen, colourless coffee that claims to not stain your teeth.

Looking like a simple bottle of water, Clear Coffee is also reported to not contain any preservatives, sweeteners, sugar or stabilisers, whilst maintaining an extremely strong flavour, making it a potentially healthier alternative to your traditional brew.

It’s been said that Clear Coffee is reminiscent of a cold brew, since it can be enjoyed cool, straight from the bottle whilst packing an intense flavour from the 100mg of caffeine inside each 100ml bottle.

You can also use it to mix cocktails, and it won’t stain your clothes, upholstery or carpet if you accidentally spill any.

Have you tried clear coffee yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter!