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What is a Turmeric Latte and Why is it So Popular?

A turmeric latte, also known as the ‘golden milk’ is thelatest trend to hit the coffee-sphere! However, despite the name, it originallywasn’t even coffee.

A turmeric latte is a unique blend of turmeric juice and nutmilk; be it almond, coconut or cashew, making it a popular, healthier coffeealternative, with the name ‘golden milk’ coming from its distinctive goldencolour.

The turmeric latte is particularly popular with‘clean-eating’ advocates due to its anti-inflammatory properties and use of nutmilk instead of traditional cow’s milk.

However, many have now decided that the healthy drink needsa dose caffeine to help get drinkers through the day and so the turmeric lattehas evolved into an entirely new drink made by pouring steamed nut or cow’smilk and turmeric powder over espresso.

Whilst Turmeric is typically found in curries and otherIndian and Asian dishes, the health benefits of Turmeric have made it a highlypopular ingredient over the past few years following claims that it can help toreduce the chance of heart attacks, joint pain and even cancer.

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