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Turn to us for the highest quality coffee beans in Worcestershire

If there's any company that knows athing or two about the importance of having the very finest coffee beans foryour coffee shop, we'd like to think that it's us. After all, the taste of yourcoffee will make a huge difference to your ability to get customersconsistently through your door, which is why we offer our own acclaimed rangeof some of the highest quality coffee beansin Worcestershire.

What makes Coffee Masters' coffeebeans some of the best around? Well, the wide range of options certainly hassomething to do with it, with even our cheapest offering - All Day Blend -being impressively strong and full of body. Its combination of a rich,chocolatey blend, caramel toned sweetness and a finish with a punchy kick haslong made it a hit among coffee shop customers across the region and the widerUnited Kingdom.

Or if you're looking for something alittle more... premium, what about our similarly highly regarded ExclusiveMaster Blend? Produced from 100% Arabica beans as well as boasting RainforestAlliance accreditation, this rich and full bodied coffee is a complex balanceof various internationally-sourced Arabica coffees. Your establishment'sregulars are sure to be pleased by its nutty notes, dark chocolate sweetnessand subtle sweet lemony overtones, not to mention the finish's lingering roastynotes that cut well through the milk.

Continue through our range of highquality coffee beans in Worcestershire, and you'll continue to be impressed,such as by our Fairtrade-accredited Full Bodied Espresso Blend. This is oneespresso that is amazingly rich and full bodied, harmoniously balancing syrupysweetness and subtle citrus acidity with a dark chocolate finish that ispositively indulgent. Add milk, and it's even sweeter, with caramel and milkchocolate notes becoming ever-more prominent.

We haven't even yet talked about ourintensely strong, multi-origin Super Crema Master Blend, with its notes ofcream, hazelnut and milk chocolate that come together to form the richest,fullest-bodied espresso. Nutty sweetness, subtle citrus acidity and a cocoabitterness make this another excellently-balanced coffee.

Finally, we are perhaps most proudto supply the Triple Certified Espresso Blend due to its exceptionally highquality. Its full body, smooth mild finish and smoky, spicy and nutty notescould only come from a coffee produced from a special combination of fairlytraded, organic Arabica beans - and nothing other than Arabica beans. It's onemore great reason to choose from our range of the finest quality coffee beansin Worcestershire here at Coffee Masters.