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The Rising Trend of Loose Leaf Tea

Loose-leaf tea may seem a little out of the ordinary if you’re used to making your favourite cuppa with a teabag, but the popularity of loose-leaf tea is on the rise.

Here’s why:

Did you know that the tea leaves most commonly used in teabags are usually dust and fannings from broken tea leaves? These broken leaves greatly reduce the flavour of your cup of tea as most of the essential oils and natural aroma are lost and when brewed, result in a bitter flavour.

High-quality loose-leaf tea on the other hand, is still intact and full of natural oils and flavour to make for a great tasting brew.

Teabags themselves can greatly hamper the flavour of tea as they do not provide the leaves with enough space to expand and depending on the structure and materials, can prevent water from flowing well enough to properly diffuse the tea.

Whole loose-leaf tea provides greater flavour, aroma and a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Top Tip: Remember that when brewing loose-leaf tea, the optimum brewing time is 3-5 minutes depending on your preferred strength.

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