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The Rise of the Coffee Shop Experience

How often do you visit a coffee shop? Once a week, once a day? How often do you visit coffee shops that aren’t one of the larger coffee chains?

According to recent surveys, almost 50% of the population purchase at least 1 cup of coffee every single day, and with 636 million visits to coffee shops back in 2015, it’s a figure that’s predicted to steadily rise each year.

In recent years, the coffee shop scene has drastically changed from one dominated by the big coffee brands like Costa, Starbucks and Café Nero to high-streets that are now saturated with independent coffee shops offering a much more personal, individual experience.

The coffee shop has transformed into a local hub where you can work, socialise and so much more. Let’s not forget that J.K Rowling wrote a large portion of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone from the toasty sanctuary of her local coffee shop.

Coffee shops are now the venue for various social events and groups including meet-ups, write-ins, poetry nights, live music, barista jams and much more.

Independent coffee shop owners are constantly looking to diversify their offerings by providing us with new coffee creations to satisfy our caffeine cravings whilst adding things like cake and cookies to keep us fuelled for the day.

Visiting a coffee shop is different each time, whether you go alone to work, or to people watch as you enjoy your warming brew or if you go with friends, maybe even on a date. Each independent coffee shop is different, from the décor, the atmosphere, the beverage options and the coffee beans they use; guaranteeing coffee lovers a unique coffee shop experience each time they visit.

The multiple uses that coffee shops now offer have given them much more purpose than to simply fulfil our desire for a great cup of coffee.

Tell us, what’s your favourite independent coffee shop and why? What do they do differently that makes the experience unique for you?

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