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The Growth of the UK Tea Market

The UK tea market has changed dramatically over the pastfive years.

With more and more coffee shops and coffee variationspopping up each year and coffee increasing in popularity with each sip, it’sonly understandable that tea sales would fall somewhat behind.

“Across the tea retailmarket in the UK, value sales have fallen by 6% from £699 million in 2010 to anestimated £654 million in 2015”

Standard/everyday tea bags are still dominating tea salesshowing that the traditional ‘cuppa’ is still a national favourite. However,with the growth of the ‘foodie’ nation, alternative teas are seeing a hugeincrease in popularity, particularly from younger generations.

“Between 2012 and2014, sales of Green Tea Bags jumped by 50% to £36 million.”

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Fruit, herbal and speciality tea bags (includingDecaffeinated and Earl Grey) have also seen a considerable jump in salesfigures over the past five years.

There a great many reasons for this with the majority ofGreen Tea drinkers opting for the beverage due to its range of health benefitsand those who favour fruit and herbal teas generally believe that they canpositively enhance your mood whilst also being a healthy, tasty beverage.

The future growth of the tea market now relies uponproviders offering more varieties of the drink to satisfy consumers’ changingdemands.

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