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Tea vs Coffee

Okay, so we know we are called CoffeeMasters but do you knowthat we also sell Tea?

All our blogs are coffee based (usually) so we thought, aswe sold both, we would make this blog all about which one is best for you, andwhy!!!

To some, coffee is an essential drug of sorts: a joltingliquid that staves away fatigue, headaches, and lack of motivation. Or perhapsyou’re a recovering coffee addict who has now turned to the soothing varietiesof tea to get a decent caffeine fix, just without the jitters.

Of course, coffee sometimes sounds more like an addictionthan a drink that’s good for you, and this is perhaps why tea gets the goodreputation of being healthier. But is tea really that much better for you?


While tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the worldnext to water (and right before beer), coffee is also hugely popular. And bothdrinks have been around for a long time, to boot.

According to legend, the Emperor of China first discoveredtea in 2737 BC while he was boiling water under a tree.

Coffee, meanwhile, didn’t seem to appear until much later —and is believed to have originated in the Ethiopian highlands, where legendsays a goatherd named Kaldinoticed his goats became hyperactive after eating certain berries from a tree.

Both coffee and tea have their benefits, though it’s alwayshard to pinpoint exactly what those are due to the large amount ofcontradictory studies.

Researchers have focused on specific potential benefits ofcoffee, with some studies finding that coffee might have the ability to reducethe incidence ofdementia or Alzheimer’s or even type 2 diabetes, for example.

Coffee has higher caffeine content than tea, meaning itslevels of the stimulant might help people with asthma by relaxing the lung'sairways.

Tea, on the other hand, is filled with antioxidants andpotential cancer-fighting properties. Though not enough has been studied toconclude whether tea does in fact reduce the risk of cancer, tea has often beenconsidered a therapeutic or medicinal drink that has both soothing andrejuvenating qualities.

To be completely honest, however, we are of the ethos thatdrink what you like, when you like, and given we sell both Tea and Coffee makesure you order both from us next time to keep your options open!!

We are also pleased to say that we now sell amazing loose leaf teas, from Camomile through to Organic Redbush - see the site for more on this.