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Summer Foods

Ok so we have done iced coffee recipes.

We have done food and coffee pairings.

What we have NOT done is food recipes that include coffee. As summer is now officially upon us (Yippee!!) we thought we would give you the pick of our favourite coffee summer recipes.

We know most of you are probably thinking that coffee is more of a winter thing, so sit back and let us educate you on all things summery and yummy and coffee-y!

Coffee meringue with passion fruit cream and summer fruits

Ok so nothing says summer more than summer fruits and meringue. Make that meringue with coffee and you take it to a whole other level!

Coffee Granita

Coffee Granita is perfect for that hot summers day. It also works really great if you are planning on having guests over – fantastic taste for minimal effort (our type of thing!). Made with espresso coffee you can’t go wrong.

Almond Café Mocha Green Monster Smoothie

On a health kick for the summer? Then this is just your thing. Made with whatever coffee you prefer and only 6 other healthy ingredients, this is easy to make and extremely nutritious. Not sure what coffee to use? Check out our handy guide here.

Coffee-Rubbed Rib Eye

We love a good Barbeque…and nothing beats a Barbeque with Rib eye!

Try this fab recipe or rib eye marinated with a zingy rub including coffee beans.

So that’s it – hope you are inspired and/or hungry.

Happy eating!