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National Tea Day – What You Need To Know

Never mind Easter eggs, National Tea Day is right around the corner and it’s easy to get involved and share your love for the nation’s favourite beverage!

National Tea Day takes place on April 21st every year and taking part couldn’t be easier:

    1. Put the Kettle On! If you like to keep things simple, this is the only step you need.

    2. Be Social! Use the #Nationalteaday hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to share your tea related posts, photos, quotes, brewing methods and memes to connect with other tea lovers across the nation.

    3. Get Festive! April 21st also brings the National Tea Day Festival at Kensington Roof Gardens in London. You’ll be able to sample new blends, explore tea from around the world, take part in tea masterclasses, watch tea dances, discover tea throughout history and so much more. Did we mention, there’s also a Queen Victoria sponge bake-off? What are you waiting for? Take your tea in style with Queen Victoria herself and share your photos online!

    4. Host a Tea Party! A fun way to bring family and friends together, you could even pick a theme i.e. Alice in Wonderland to make it a kid’s party, perfect for the Easter holidays or setup a few activities/charity donations for a good cause of your choice.

    5. Try Something New! National Tea Day is the perfect day to try a new blend. You never know what you might discover!

    6. Tea Selfie! Get snapping. Whether it’s a picture of you rolling out of bed with your morning brew, displaying your amazing biscuit dunking skills or settling down with an iced tea in the sunshine, use the hashtag #Nationalteaday and share it with the world.

    More information about National Tea Day and how to get involved, included festival information and admission prices can be found on the National Tea Day website.

    How will you be celebrating #Nationalteaday? Let us know on Twitter, or in the comments below.