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National Cappuccino Day is Coming!

Calling all coffee lovers! National Cappuccino Day is almost here. On November 8th, each year, coffee lovers gather to celebrate the staple cup of joe that everyone loves – the cappuccino.

It’s the perfect creamy beverage to enjoy on a chilly November morning – and throughout the rest of the day!

The History of the Cappuccino

The Cappuccino is an Italian invention, created by adding hot milk and creamy frothed milk to an espresso.

Did you know that the modern espresso machine that we all know, and love was invented back in 1945 and it was this invention that made cappuccino more accessible to the world? Thank you to inventor Achille Gaggia.

Over the 1990’s and into the 21st Century, cappuccinos have become increasingly popular and are now the most common of the different coffee drink variations.

This cappuccino day be sure to celebrate with your fellow coffee lovers and remember to use the hashtag #CappuccinoDay when sharing photos of your favourite brew!