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Make sure you choose the right coffee grinder

We're in a position to appreciate,better than almost any other company, just how much work goes into the settingup of a West Midlands coffee shop. That's why we're not only the best place toshop for a high quality commercialcoffee machine in Worcestershire, but also stock the finest coffee beansand the requisite associated products such as vending sugar, crockery andglassware.

However, there's another item thatmakes an essential purchase for many a coffee shop in the Worcester area: adecent coffee grinder. Here at Coffee Masters, we are so delighted by theofferings of the Anfim brand that at the time of typing, they make up the bulkof our coffee grinders range. The entry-level Anfim grinder in our range is theAnfim Caimano Doser, which makes the perfect dosing grinder for small coffeeshops.

Choose the Anfim Caimano dosinggrinder to ensure that your customers enjoy great-tasting coffee throughout theday. This grinder takes just nine seconds to grind a double shot and is capableof coping with 1.5kg beans per day. It's also renowned for its longevity,although for additional peace of mind, it comes with a 12 month 'back to base'parts warranty.

But what if you anticipate yourcoffee shop being on the slightly... busier side? In that case, the Anfim SuperCaimano dosing grinder may prove a wiser purchase. This grinder offers many ofthe same characteristics of the Caimano, with the same warranty, except that itcan grind a double shot in just six seconds and is able to cope with 5kg beanseach day.

Even further up the Anfim range,however, is the Caimano on-demand grinder, with the Super Caimano version ofthis product again capable of grinding a double shot in a mere six seconds. Thetechnical specification of the Super Caimano on-demand grinder encompasses a2kg coffee-bean hopper capacity, an electronically controlled timer withvariable programming, a multifunction control display and even - on request - acooling fan.

That leaves one more grinder thatwas designed for home use, but which is nonetheless too good at grinding guestor decaf coffee beans for us to ignore. Yes, we're referring to the MahlkonigHome Vario Grinder that incorporates such features as an electronicallycontrolled timer, variable programming and more than 200 grind settings as partof a classy and compact design.

Such a comprehensive rangedemonstrates why you need look no further than Coffee Masters when you nextneed to purchase a grinder alongside your commercial coffee machine inWorcestershire.