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La Spaziale machines - the ultimate solution for your coffee shop

Here at Coffee Masters, we know fullwell that you'll have a lot to think about when setting up your Worcestershireor West Midlands coffee shop. The location will have to be right in terms ofrent and attracting the right kind of customers, and the decor will need tocreate the perfect ambience. But do you know what else is pretty important?Your choice of coffee machine.

It might seem daunting simply to buy coffee machines inthe West Midlands, given the huge range of brands out there, but we couldmake your task easier by suggesting just one name: La Spaziale. The change inthe UK's coffee tastes over the last decade or so has made it extremelyimportant to have a good quality espresso machine.

We've come a long way since the daysof espresso being a mere foreign curiosity on these shores. Whereas once,instant coffee out of a tin or a 'pour and serve' filter coffee machine mighthave sufficed just fine for your West Midlands coffee shop, the British publichave become increasingly discerning and expectant of more sophisticated ways ofbrewing coffee.

Certainly, if you are looking for agood quality espresso machine that makes those aforementioned methods easy toachieve, it's difficult to beat La Spaziale. This Italian brand is one of themost trusted coffee machine manufacturers, being associated with a rarecombination of Italian handmade beauty and unique cutting edge technology.

However, La Spaziale also offerscoffee machines to suit every possible budget and requirement, as is evidentwhen looking at our own range. Order the La Spaziale S2 EK, for example, andyou'll benefit from the highest quality electronic coffee machine with anautomatic dose setting. It is available in 1, 2 and 3 group variants, and alsoincorporates such features as a built-in pump, electric heating system, 3Lboiler and pump pressure control.

You'll also have such features as apressure gauge for boiler, boiler heating element safety thermostat andautomatic boiler refill at your disposal when you opt for the S2 EK. But the S5EK is an even more formidable La Spaziale coffee machine, its own generous specificationincluding the likes of a boiler temperature indicated by LED display, automaticoperating temperature boost function and control of malfunctions alarms.

There are so many reasons why wemake La Spaziale our preferred brand, not least because they offer outstandingvalue for money. So the next time you need to buy coffee machines in the WestMidlands from a reputable local supplier like Coffee Masters, we suggest youlook no further.