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Is the Tax on Disposable Coffee Cups to Your Taste?

After the recent introduction of a 5p charge for plasticbags in supermarkets, the government is now discussing the option to introduce asimilar fee for disposable coffee cups.

The aim behind the idea is to further aid recycling in theefforts to help counteract climate change.

Statistic show that more than 2.5 billion, non-biodegradablecoffee cups are handed out each year in the UK alone. You’ve probably seen afew scattered around busy shopping areas. The problem with these plastic linedcups is that they are not recyclable and so only contribute to greaterlandfills.

The costs to clean up these cups and other litter is alsoquite high and is ultimately covered by the tax payer by way of the local council.Therefore, many consider that a small fee on the purchase of a take-away coffeewon’t be a burden, since it will still be less than is usually paid for asit-in coffee.

After the success of the plastic bag tax, with lessbusinesses seeking out non-biodegradable carrier bags than ever before and moreand more consumers opting for re-usable or biodegradable options, to many, acoffee cup tax seems like a step in the right direction, with the aim toencourage shops to seek biodegradable or reusable alternatives.

Others however are worried that it’s wrong to tax coffeebuyers, believing that better recycling facilities should instead be providedby local councils as well as more effort to introduce biodegradable orrecyclable coffee cups.

What do you think? Would you mind paying a small fee whenyou order a take away coffee or do you think there’s a better way to aidrecycling? Share your views with us on Twitter @CoffeeMastersUK

If you’d like us to start stocking compostable coffee cupsget in touch and let us know!