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Is Green Tea the New Coffee?

Tea has risen in popularity over the past few years andwhilst it’s still not at the point of competing directly with coffee, you canfind a greater assortment of teas appearing on a range of coffee menus.

Most of us go straight for a cup of coffee to give us ourmorning dose of energy but, as we all know, whilst a boost of caffeine can dowonders for getting your through the day, mass amounts of caffeine aren’t greatfor you.

Another effective way to get an energy boost that benefitsyour short and long-term health is by drinking Green tea.

The Benefits of GreenTea

  • Antioxidants – Work to protect your cells fromdamage, resulting in greater protection against diseases such as variouscancers, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Increased Metabolism – The higher yourmetabolism, the more calories you burn. Several cups of green tea each day willwork to raise your metabolism and contribute to weight-loss.
  • Brain Function – The caffeine in green tea workstogether with an amino acid to improve things like brain functionality, memoryand mood. Whilst improving your concentration in the short-term, drinking greentea can also preserve the long-term health of your brain by helping to reducethe chances of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

So, why not give it a try? Introduce green teainto your life to receive an array of short and long-term health benefits.

At Coffee Masters, we’ve introduced two new ranges of teafor you to choose from; Birchall Tea and the Cosy Tea Range.

You can select from a variety of flavours both organic andFairtrade in loose-leaf form, everyday teabags and silk prism bags (thesespecial bags biodegrade, providing you with lovely loose-leaf tea, without themess.)

Follow this link to explore our new tea ranges and tweet us @CoffeeMastersUK to tell us howyou like your tea!