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How Healthy is Your Drinks Menu?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of your 5-a-day.You might even work hard to incorporate it into your own daily diet, but whatabout your customers? Are you meeting their nutritional needs?

Fruit and vegetables form part of a healthy diet, if weconsume enough of them. 5 portions of fruit and vegetables (combined) each andevery day is the recommended amount to provide a variety of nutrients andvitamins whilst also protecting us from various long and short-term healthissues.

Did you know that different combinations of fruits andvegetables contain various types of fibre, vitamins and other beneficialnutrients? That’s why it’s best to have a mixture in your daily diet.

Now, think of your average customer…are they rushing in fora coffee before or after work? Stopping by for a quick caffeine hit during ashopping spree? Do they need a health boost instead of a pick-me-up? Have anyof your customers requested a healthier alternative to tea and coffee drinks?

You can help to look after your customers by addingsmoothies using real fruit and vegetables to your drinks menu.

Our SweetbirdSmoothie range offers a variety of flavours to suit every palate from;peach, spinach and ginger to raspberry, blackcurrant and beetroot and with each12oz serving being equivalent to 1 of your 5-a-day!

What are you waiting for? Add our healthy smoothies to yourmenu today and share with us your favourite flavour on Twitter @CoffeeMastersUK