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Give Breakfast an Energy Boost with Espresso Spread

Photo: Selfridges

If the idea of eating breakfast in the morning is enough to drain your energy, fear not, Selfridges have come to the rescue.

The new Flat Brew Espresso Coffee Spread is the ultimate breakfast spread for all you cover lovers. It can be spread onto toast, crumpet, croissants, crackers or if you like to live life without rules, simply dig into the jar with a spoon.

Pair it with your favourite cup of joe for an energetic breakfast like no other. With 9g of spread equalling one shot of espresso, you’ll be speeding your way through your morning meeting or workout in no time at all.

The espresso spread is made from Arabica coffee beans, cocoa butter, sugar and cream, all mixed together. The tar-like consistency doesn’t may not look particularly enticing but the creators of the spread, who sought to create a spread that didn’t take away from the natural taste of coffee beans that we all love, have assured consumers that it has a ‘sophisticated, bitter taste’.

What do you think? Have you tried coffee on toast yet instead of your usual coffee with toast?