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Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance coffee is about so much more than social responsibility

You might expect us to speak highlyof all of our coffees here at Coffee Masters, and you'd be right - we justdon't think you can beat our range as far as quality or price is concerned,whether you're setting up a coffee shop or simply better-equipping your officewith the most delectable beverages and coffee-making facilities. However, thereare also many fine reasons to buy organic coffee inthe West Midlands from a company like our own - with the feel-good sense ofsocial responsibility being just one of them.

Sure, our Fairtrade, organic andRainforest Alliance coffees definitely help to make the world a better place inmore ways than just their taste, whether in the form of health benefits due tothe lack of pesticides used in their production, or the way they help farmersand the wider environment that we depend on in order to have coffee at all. Butthey're also just delightful coffees for the hot beverage enthusiast to savour.

You really couldn't expect to find abetter range of organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffees inWorcestershire, and where better to start than with our Triple CertifiedEspresso Coffee that combines intense caramel and sweet notes with awell-rounded body? Sure, this blend of 100% Organic Arabica coffee beans isFairtrade & Rainforest Alliance certified, but it is also highly aromaticand delightfully smooth. While your customers enjoy this pure coffee, you canhave peace of mind knowing that you are helping to support sustainable farmingand the Colombian growers from which it is directly sourced.

Also known for their well-roundedcoffee flavour are our Decaffeinated Espresso Pods, their quick and easy mannerof use making them a fine choice for your coffee shop, restaurant, bar or club.Or what about Coffee Masters' very own Exclusive Master Blend, which is alsoRainforest Alliance accredited and consists of a complex balance of variousinternational Arabica coffees? Your coffee shop's customers will certainlyappreciate that dark chocolate sweetness and rich, full body, to say nothing ofthose nutty notes and sweet lemony overtones.

Not to forget, we also stock ZumaFairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate, which contains 33% dark roast cocoa beans fromSan Domingo, with fairly traded sugar from Paraguay. Alternatively, you mightwant to offer your customers the nation's favourite tea, PG Tips, which is madefrom completely natural tea leaves. Our PG Tips Fresh Leaf Tea is a good choicefor freshbrew vending machines and dispense systems. We do, of course, havevarious other organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffees, but we'llleave you to discover those for yourself.

Why hesitate to buy organic coffeein the West Midlands from Coffee Masters?