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Fair Trade

So our latest blog is all about letting you know how amazing fair trade is, and explaining a bit about why we use Fairtrade coffee, and what it means for you the consumer.

Hands up if you have heard of Fair Trade? Okay most of you.

Now if someone asked you to explain it, in one sentence, would you be able to?

Hmm not so many of you…

We all know that its good, but what it actually means is that for those workers and farmers who grow our coffee, they have guaranteed decent working conditions, better prices, and fair terms of trade.

Still not convinced? How about the following additional reasons: -

• Fair Trade is better for the environment;

• Fair Trade means high quality goods as a artisans take pride in their work

• As Farmers are involved and invested in the entire production process, and crops are grown and harvested in smaller quantities, then Fair Trade means better tasting food;

• Fair Trade is safe - That means food that’s safer for you and for the people who grow it;

• Fair Trade supports communities by working through cooperative structures;

• Fair Trade is committed to strengthening direct partnerships between buyers and producers;

• Fair Trade products are unique to the places they come from and the people who make them;

• Fair Trade means sustainable local economies as it gives Farmers and Artisans control of their own future; and finally

• Fair Trade means what you buy matters.

Okay – so we’ll see you soon for your Fairtrade order!!!!