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Today we are going to talk about Espresso!

For those who always order the same Cappuccino, or Americano from your favourite coffee shop, why not live life on the edge and next you sit down to relax with a cup of natures finest ask for an Espresso…

Espresso is a strong black coffee that has been brewed by forcing steam, under pressure, through freshly ground aromatic coffee beans.

A perfectly made espresso will have a thick, golden-brown foam floating on the surface (called the crema).

Espresso is, believe it or not, the foundation for many specialty coffee drinks, such as the cappuccino mentioned above.

How To Drink It

For the best possible taste, Espresso should be taken on its own or with a small teaspoon of sugar. Having it "short" means that it has less water and is therefore more concentrated, and "long" conversely uses more water and does not taste as strong.

For those of you who already love Espresso, and are looking for the best possible machine to make it on, we think we have the answer!

We are very pleased to be stocking the ultimate Espresso Machines, made by Conti.

To celebrate all things Espresso, we are currently offering a Conti 2 Group Espresso Machine / Grinder Deal which is the ultimate Espresso package, and consists of: -

  • Conti - X-One 2 Group Coffee Machine - more info
  • Quamar M80A Dosing Grinder - more info
  • Matching colours on the machine and grinder (Red, Black or White)
  • Choose Tall Cup or standard size machine - no extra cost
  • 24 month parts warranty on machine
  • 10 Litre Calcium treatment unit (water filter)
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Basic barista training
  • 6kg fresh coffee beans
  • 2kg Zuma original hot chocolate
  • Tamper (attached to grinder)
  • Milk frothing jug
  • Thermometer
  • Knockout drawer
  • Chocolate shaker
  • Espresso machine cleaning powder
  • Grinder cleaning tablets
  • Point of sale material

All of this is available at an incredible price so get in touch today to find out more!!!