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Coffee Tastes Better in a Coloured Cup

Okay, so in the past year there has been a lot of research taking place, on all things from curing cancer to landing spacecraft’s on moving comets.

One of our favourite articles on research (and relevant to us) that we read about in 2014 was that surprisingly coffee tastes better in a coloured cup.

Our first thought on reading this was that why we were not included – we would have gladly drunk coffee until the cows come home in the name of research!

It transpires that firstly the colour of your food, dishes, and wall colours can affect your appetite, with some colours stimulating your senses whilst others curb your appetite.

The same is also true for “hot drinks” like coffee? According to the study (by the Journal of Sensory Studies) the colour of your coffee cup can affect the taste of your coffee.

We all know that some people prefer to have their coffee in a ceramic cup / mug rather than a paper cup because it tastes better but we didn’t dream the colour of your mug made your drink taste different.

Here’s an excerpt from the research:

“What causes this perceived flavour enhancement? It’s all in our heads. Presumably, orange and cream bring to mind warm, creamy flavours in a way that white and red do not. In the past, similar studies have shown that factors unrelated to taste, such as price and verbal descriptions of food can affect how flavour is perceived”

So next time try to have your morning coffee in a coloured coffee cup, orange or creamy, and see if it works!