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Coffee 2015 Resolutions

So it’s 2015, and here at Coffee Masters we have been giving it some thought as to New Years resolutions.

We don’t know about you, but the normal ones (give up smoking, give up chocolate, give up alcohol) seem all too common, and also easier to break.

People usually assume New Year means a new you – however why not think about what you can do to get more FUN out of 2015!

This got us thinking as to what adventures we could suggest, and given we love nothing more than being involved in a Coffee Shop start-up we have come up with the following resolution

“Take a Coffee Tour of Your Town”

There are lots of hidden gems all over the UK (and beyond, if you read this from afar) and whilst not everyone is lucky enough to have a coffee shop on every street corner, don’t fret!

There are some great, hidden coffee shops in every place.

Make a day of visiting different coffee shops whether it is for a scone, latte, tea or our personal carrot cake.

If you find one you love – then please share it with us

Happy Coffee Shop hunting!