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Avolattes – What You Need to Know

Photo: Instagram

The latest trend to hit the coffee circle is a ratherunusual one. In the past twelve months alone we’ve seen goth lattes, coffee smoothiesand edible coffee cups, to name but a few and now we welcome Avocado Coffee,also known as Avolattes.

What began as a joke from a Barista working in a coffee shopin Melbourne, Australia has taken the world by storm as every coffee lovinghipster has shared the viral image, sparking a frenzy of people either tryingto make their own Avolatte or mocking this new creation.

So, what is an Avolatte? As the name suggests it’s simply alatte served inside the empty skin of an avocado.

The creator of the Avolatte confirmed his creation as a jokewhen he described it as, “ridiculous. It’s literally coffee in a piece ofrubbish.” But rubbish or not, the trend has caught fire and more and moreimages and videos of other Avolatte’s are being spread around social media.

What do you think? Are Avolatte’s an amazing new coffeetrend or will you be sticking with your regular coffee cup?