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Are You Ready for the Latest Summer Coffee Trends?

Summer is almost upon us and so are the crazy, and amazingcoffee trends that come with it!

Cold coffee drinks are understandably more popular in summerbut this year is set to be the biggest year for cold beverages we’ve ever seen.

In our last blog we talked about howto make your coffee shop stand out by offering added value cold drinks to yourcustomers.

Summer is all about keeping things cool and so this week, wewant to highlight all of the new summer coffee trends that your customers aredying to try.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold coffee can be served in a range of varieties withcustomers able to choose from large ice cubes, crushed ice or foam. Thepossibilities are endless for this summer drink as you can make it extra sweetusing a range of tasty syrups and other toppings.


  • Coffee (100g for each litre of water)
  • Cold milk (optional)
  • Plenty of brewing time!


1. Measure out your coffee (100g for each litre ofwater) and pour into a container to brew.

a. HINT: Use filtered waterfor the best taste!

2. Brew for 6-12 hours if you’re using whole beans. Doa taste test at regular intervals to determine which taste you prefer.

3. If you’re using ground coffee, you’ll only need tobrew for around 2-6 hours.

4. When you’ve achieved the desired taste, sieve thebeans or ground coffee out of your Cold Brew coffee.

5. You can now serve your Cold Brew coffee with coldmilk, over ice with milk or black.

a. TIP: If serving black,dilute with the equivalent amount of water for the best taste.


Freakshakes are driving people around the world crazy. Thesegiant milkshakes can be created using any combination of ingredients that youcan think of and the main theme behind these shakes is the bigger the better!

Go crazy with flavours, textures and toppings includingcakes, cookies and plenty of whipped cream!

To add these to your drinks menu you’ll need some very largeglasses/tankards, a range of great milkshake flavours and as many crazy toppingsas you can imagine!

Why not give this Chocolate Brownie freakshakerecipe a try:


  • 1/2 cup or 125millilitres (4.23 fluid ounces)ganache
  • 400millilitres (13.53 fluid ounces) milk(4% fat)
  • 2 generous scoops of ice cream
  • Additional 1/2 cup of ganache
  • Additional 2 scoops of ice cream for puttinginto the glasses
  • Whipped cream
  • ChocolateBrownie
  • Marshmallow


  1. Place the ganache, milk and ice cream into ablender and mix well.
  2. Spread ganache on the inside of the glasses andaround the top outside edge.
  3. Add a scoop of ice cream to each one and pour inthe chocolate milkshake.
  4. Pipe highwith cream then add a brownie and a marshmallow.
  5. Toast with a brulee torch until brown andcrispy.

Coffee Smoothies

Coffee smoothies are still a relatively new trend butthey’re set to make big headway this summer and could be just the thing thatsets your coffee shop apart from the rest.

Coffee, in moderation, is known to have a variety of shortand long term health benefits but coffee smoothies could be even better.

The possibilities are endless, depending on what ingredientsyou choose to add and you could even create a special range of breakfastsmoothies with additional ingredients to boost energy and concentration.

To help get you started, try this Banana Pancake Smoothie.You can find this and other coffee smoothie recipes here.


  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of oats
  • 1 teaspoon of maple syrup
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • ½ cup of cold coffee
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Handful of ice


  1. Combine the first 4 ingredients in a blender andblend.
  2. Add the last three ingredients and blend untilsmooth.

What can you create?

Just for Fun - EdibleCoffee Cups

Do you remember the scene in Willy Wonka and the ChocolateFactory (I’m talking about the original, the one that makes sense!) where WillyWonka is singing ‘Pure Imagination’ and drinks from a cup and then eats it?Well, now you can do that too!

Edible coffee cups are the latest coffee trend making therounds on social media. The idea originated over in Australia where one coffeeshop started serving coffee in Easter eggs, ice cream cones and cakes.

You never know, this could be a tasty solution to theproposed tax on disposable coffee cups. At any rate you’ll have to drink fastor your coffee might just end up all over the floor!

Maybe soon we’ll have snozzberry or preferably coffeeflavoured wallpaper….

What do you think of these summer coffee trends and have youheard of any that we haven’t mentioned? Get in touch on Twitter @CoffeeMastersUK