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Are Coffee Grounds the Next Biofuel?

A world fuelled by coffee? It’s the stuff of dreams and itcould become a reality in the very near future.

Scientists are working hard to turn used coffee grounds intobiofuel which will have a variety of uses including powering your car – Imaginehow great the roads will smell!

Ground coffee waste contains up to 20 percent of oil perunit weight and so has similar properties to other biofuels already in use.

Scientists believe that on average a small coffee shop willproduce around 10kg of waste coffee grounds which could be converted into 2litres of ‘green’ biofuel, enough to fuel the company vehicle.

Whilst researchers also predict that in future, largercoffee chains could rival big oil companies if they too choose to take part.Therefore creating a sustainable biofuel option to help protect our precious planet.

If you live in London you can also take your used coffeegrounds to Bio-bean, a company who aim to fuel London by converting wastegrounds into biofuel and biomass pellets. This motion follows in the footstepsof companies like McDonald’s who now fuel some of their vehicles using wastecooking oil.

Will your coffee shop be joining the cleanenergy movement? Tweet your thoughts @coffeemastersuk