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AeroPress Coffee – What is it?

To some people, AeroPress coffee might look more like a scienceexperiment than a coffee brewing method, and we’d say that it’s a bit of both.

AeroPress coffee makers are just over 10 years old and werefirst invented in 2005. The actual method of brewing the coffee is very similarto that of drip or filter coffee that was covered in our previous article, ‘What makes drip coffee different?’

The AeroPress coffee maker consists of two tubes orcylinders, one slightly larger than the other, that sits above your cup orcontainer. A piece of filter paper is added to the bottom of the largercylinder, on top of which, finely ground coffee is added.

Boiling water is then poured over the coffee grounds andallowed to steep for 30 seconds before the smaller tube, which features anair-tight, flexible seal, is inserted into the larger cylinder to create avacuum. The top tube is then slowly pushed down, almost like a very largesyringe, forcing the coffee through the filter and into the cup or containerbelow.

Watchthis video to find out how easy the AeroPress coffee maker is to use andwhy it’s ideal for use at home.

The AeroPress method is very similar to the French pressbrewing method with a few key differences such as;

  • Use of disposable paper filters.
  • Shorter (30 second) brewing time, producing aless acidic coffee.
  • Air pressure is all that’s used to extract thecoffee flavour.
  • Much finer grind of coffee is used.

AeroPress coffee makers also claim to produce coffee thathas roughly the same concentration as the average shot of espresso.

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