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Add Extra Sparkle to Your Day with a Glitter Cappuccino


We love keeping you up-to-date with the latest, crazy coffeetrends! Earlier this year, it was the invention of the Avolatte,and now, we present to you, the glitter cappuccino created by the Coffee By DiBella chain in India.

This sparkly coffee trend has been adopted by various coffeechains and shops all across the world and is taking the internet by storm. Barista’severywhere are experimenting with various colours and coffee designs usingglitter to dazzle you with their latte art.

The glitter is edible and safe to eat, making it perfect forlovers of sparkles and rainbows, who want to add an extra layer of dazzle totheir morning brew.

However, as with most coffee trends, not everyone’s in love with the idea ofthe glitter cappuccino, with many individuals taking to Twitter to raisequestions like; will the glitter get stuck in your teeth; does it come out theway it went in and will it change the texture of the coffee?

Have you tried a glitter cappuccino? Would youlove to see a glitter cappuccino at your local coffee shop? Tell us what youthink on Twitter!