There are plenty of elements to consider when you are choosing a commercial coffee machine in the West Midlands from a company like Coffee Masters. How much should you be spending? Which brands are the best-rated? Will you choose a bean-to-cup or an espresso-type machine? They’re all important considerations to make for fledgling businesses or those looking to expand.

We know that those wanting to buy a coffee machine will have plenty of questions, so we’ve endeavoured to answer them all here in this handy guide.

Bean-to-cup, espresso or instant machines?


  • Push-button coffee machine
  • Accessible, easy-to-use
  • Great all-rounder


  • Hands-on machine
  • Built for versatile baristas and specialist cups
  • High quality end product


  • The ultimate in convenience
  • No staff required
  • Won’t win any coffee awards but ideal for high-volume areas

To decide between them, you first need to differentiate between each type of available commercial coffee machine in Worcester. The Bean-To-Cup coffee machine is a one-touch push-button coffee machine, which uses fresh or granulated milk and espresso coffee beans. They’re easy to use, they require very little training and all beverages are produced automatically thanks to built-in settings within the machine. Regular cleaning is a must to keep the output tasting great – all of these machines feature cleaning cycles for total ease of use. For outlets that have a high staff turnover, or offices where accessibility is more important than quality, these automatic machines are ideal.

Espresso Machines are a little more hands-on and require more expertise than a bean-to-cup machine. With a pressurised boiler forcing steam through finely-ground coffee, which is produced by a separate grinder, these machines make a high-quality cup of coffee with room for creativity from baristas. Certain elements, such as milk frothing, must be done by hand, but the result is a tastier cup of espresso. These machines are more popular in outlets where taste matters: coffee shops, bars, restaurants and hotels commonly adopt them to provide exceptional espressos for all their guests and clients. Opt for one of these, and you'll be offering your customers some of the very best commercial coffee in Worcestershire - no question.

There is also a range of Instant Coffee Machines that rate speed and convenience above all else. These machines won’t be winning any awards for taste or quality, but they’re fantastic for cafes, forecourts, workplaces and convenience stores. They don’t require any supervision and can be easily operated by consumers themselves, making these machines highly efficient.

Other considerations 

Once you’ve decided which type of coffee machine is best suited to your business, you still need to choose a model. Consider things like how busy you are, how much room you have in your establishment, what kind of budget you’re working with and the level of training you’d be willing to invest in your baristas. Answering these questions should lead a perfect trail to your ideal coffee machine.

If you’re still a little stuck on which machine to opt for, get in touch with our team of experts, who are happy to help with advice on this tough decision! Request a callback here, and we'll soon have you sorted with the perfect commercial coffee machine in the West Midlands, Worcestershire or anywhere else in the UK from our formidable range.