Guide to Choosing Your Commercial Coffee Machine

With such a large number of distinctive brands, types and features to ponder over, selecting the best commercial coffee machine for your needs can seem like trying to navigate a maze. Here at Coffee Masters, we have over 30 years of experience in the food service sector, and we’ve poured our experience into this lovingly crafted guide to choosing the right machine. With our substantial expertise and the wide range of commercial coffee machines for sale on our site, the Coffee Masters baristas are poised to help you brew the perfect choice, whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your coffee experience.

How do I Choose the Right Coffee Machine for My Business?

We all love a good brew, but identifying the right commercial coffee machine for your business is more of a critical decision than it might seem. Good coffee can influence customer satisfaction, the efficiency of your operations and ultimately even your bottom line, even in an office environment. Your coffee machine choice determines the taste and quality of your offerings and whether you're providing rapid self-service or artisan coffee experiences. Numerous factors come into play, including the nature of your establishment, your budget, customer and employee preferences and expected coffee volume. Addressing these elements will help you shape your decision.

Key Considerations When Buying a Coffee Machine for Commercial Use

We’ll be exploring these points in more detail as we progress, but before we do, grab yourself a brew and spend a few moments thinking about these questions:

  • What type of coffee will your customers or clients prefer - espresso, bean-to-cup or instant?
  • What is your budget for coffee machine investment?
  • What volume of coffee do you expect to serve daily?
  • Are you running a coffee shop or mobile coffee pod, or is this for an office environment?
  • How much do the design and aesthetics of the coffee machine matter to your brand image?

Conti Coffee Machines

Steeped in tradition but bursting with innovation, Conti coffee machines embody the perfect blend of artisanship and modernity. Crafted in Monaco, Conti’s roots stretch back to 1956. Since then they’ve gained a wealth of expertise in espresso technology and have continued to innovate. Conti coffee machines are synonymous with precision and consistency, their advanced engineering ensures each cup of coffee delivers an exceptional experience. Whether for the bustling high-footfall coffee shop or the quieter artisanal café, Conti adds a touch of elegance to any setting, ensuring you can savour the richness of coffee in the finest style.

Franke Coffee Machines

Franke coffee machines are renowned for their fusion of Swiss precision, innovative design and unparalleled performance. Established in Switzerland in 1911, Franke's expertise is globally recognised and appreciated in over 100 countries. Offering a unique blend of design aesthetics and technological innovation, Franke ensures every cup of coffee brewed is a masterpiece. Dedicated to exceeding expectations, the company consistently produces machines that are as intuitive as they are efficient. With a Franke coffee machine, you're not just making coffee, you're crafting an experience.

La Spaziale Coffee Machines

Embodying Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, La Spaziale coffee machines are built to bring out the best in every coffee bean. Since its inception in 1969, La Spaziale has established a firm reputation for excellence and innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of espresso-making technology. Every La Spaziale machine is designed to enhance the aroma and flavour of your coffee, ensuring an authentic Italian espresso experience. With a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, La Spaziale coffee machines are not just a tool, but a key component of the espresso lover's journey.

Getting Started

Recognising the challenges involved in choosing the perfect coffee machine, Coffee Masters is here to provide our expert recommendations, equipping you with the knowledge to ensure the final choice will be yours. We even provide comprehensive training for you and your team and invite you to our coffee hub in the West Midlands to experience our machines first-hand, helping you make an informed decision. We also offer a complete coffee shop start-up and supply service if you’re just beginning your coffee adventure.

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Book Your Demonstration

Nothing beats a bit of hands-on experience, which is why you can book a demonstration with us before investing in your commercial coffee machine. We offer a free one-to-one meeting with one of our coffee connoisseurs which includes a complete product demonstration and training guidance, ensuring you can make the best decision for your business.

A little bit of experience in how our commercial coffee machines function will help you understand just how seamlessly a professional coffee machine could fit into your establishment. And what better way to learn the differences between different machine types and brands than seeing them close up and sampling the delicious drinks they dispense?

What to Expect

  • Experience operating both Espresso and Bean-to-Cup Commercial Coffee Machines.
  • Gain hands-on knowledge about our buying, leasing and renting options.
  • Sample the quality of coffee each machine produces.
  • Understand the warranty and maintenance agreements.
  • Discover various barista accessories.
  • Learn about our different training options.

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Types of Coffee Machines

As we’ve said, the search for the perfect coffee machine commercial businesses need can be overwhelming given the myriad options available. Here, we outline the primary types of machines you might consider: Espresso Coffee Machines, Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines, and Instant Coffee Machines.

Explore these options further by clicking on each type, taking you to our wide range of commercial coffee machines for sale.

Reasons to Choose an Espresso Coffee Machine

For the love of traditional brewing and rich taste, espresso coffee machines are the connoisseur's choice. These machines offer the authentic experience of crafting coffee manually, from tamping the grounds to perfecting the extraction.

  • High-quality, barista-style coffee every time.
  • Scope for creativity and versatility in brewing.
  • Creates an authentic coffee shop experience.
  • Ideal for venues where the taste of coffee is paramount.
  • Allows for engaging customer-facing interaction and barista flair.

Reasons to Choose a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Bean-to-Cup coffee machines provide a balance between quality and convenience, grinding fresh beans and extracting coffee at the push of a button. They're perfect for ensuring consistent taste and speed, even in busy situations.

  • User-friendly with an easy push-button operation.
  • Ideal for fast-paced environments with high coffee demand.
  • Minimal training required, great for self-service coffee establishments and offices.
  • Consistent quality with every cup.
  • Automated cleaning cycles simplify maintenance.

Reasons to Choose an Instant Coffee Machine

For the love of traditional brewing and rich taste, espresso coffee machines are the connoisseur's choice. These machines offer the authentic experience of crafting coffee manually, from tamping the grounds to perfecting the extraction.

  • Speed and convenience take centre stage.
  • No barista required – self-service functionality.
  • Ideal for high-volume settings such as offices or convenience stores.
  • Cost-effective choice with lower costs per serving.
  • Low maintenance needs.

Industries We Serve

Different sectors all have their own unique needs when it comes to choosing the right coffee machine. Whether it's a traditional espresso coffee machine that commercial businesses prefer, or a modern bean-to-cup option instead, Coffee Masters have the experience and expertise of catering to a diverse array of industries, always understanding their specific and often unique requirements.

Coffee Shops and Cafés:

Where taste and presentation matter, espresso machines are often the favourite, offering quality and barista-style appeal.

Hotels and Venues:

Bean-to-Cup machines offer consistency and easy self-service operation, ensuring all guests enjoy a satisfying coffee experience.

Pubs and Restaurants:

In these establishments, versatile machines that cater to both coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers are often the preferred choice.

Offices and Business Centres:

Good coffee can motivate the workforce, and the consistency and flavour offered by bean-to-cup machines often win the day.

Why Choose a Coffee Machine from Coffee Masters?

With a wealth of experience in the coffee industry, the knowledgeable and passionate folk at Coffee Masters have an in-depth understanding of what makes a coffee machine truly commercial grade. Whether you're a bustling café in need of the best commercial coffee machine in the UK, or a small business just starting on your coffee journey, our range of coffee machines for sale provides unmatched quality, reliability and performance.

  • Honesty
    HONESTY We always maintain transparency and honesty with our customers, so you will benefit from realistic expectations about our products and services.
  • Customer Service
    EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Our dedicated coffee-loving team go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction at all stages of your coffee machine-buying journey, and beyond.
  • Maintenance and Repairs
    MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS We offer robust maintenance and repair services, ensuring your coffee machine is always in optimal condition and serving delicious drinks.
  • Barista Training
    BARISTA TRAINING Going for an espresso machine? We can provide comprehensive barista training to help you make the most of your commercial coffee machine.
  • Safety
    SAFETY Our machines meet stringent safety standards and are manufactured by some of the world’s most renowned coffee machine builders, ensuring safety for you and your team

Buy, Lease or Rent

As part of our coffee machine service that aims to make great coffee available to all, we understand that each business has unique financial constraints and operational needs. Therefore, we’re proud to offer flexibility when you are obtaining a commercial coffee machine from us, providing options to buy, lease or rent your machine. Get in touch with us and our team can help you understand the benefits of each approach and guide you towards the best option for your situation.

Consider Barista Training and Your Experience

Choosing the right commercial-grade coffee machine is half the battle, knowing how to use it effectively is the other. This is particularly true for espresso machines, with their array of components such as the portafilter, group head and steam wand. A barista is not merely a coffee maker but an artisan, combining precise techniques to create the ultimate cup of coffee.

At Coffee Masters, we offer comprehensive barista training, ensuring you can deliver a high-quality, consistent coffee experience to your customers every time. A well-trained barista is key to a successful coffee service, turning first-time customers into regulars and elevating your reputation.

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Looking to start your journey with a commercial coffee machine, or want to learn more about our products and services? We're always here to help. Reach out to us through our contact form, and one of our coffee specialists will get back to you promptly.