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Conti Espresso Machines

Conti espresso machines are renowned the world over for their exceptional quality and performance, making them a very popular choice among coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas alike, and come highly recommended by the team at Coffee Masters. Since creating their first manual piston espresso machine at their Monaco factory in 1956, Conti has been at the forefront of espresso machine technology. Thanks to their skill, dedication and mission to create the perfect cup of coffee, Conti coffee machines have earned a stellar reputation as stylish, well-built and reliable espresso machines.

  • Conti CC102C Coffee Machine - Tall Cup - Compact
  • Conti CC202 Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • Conti X-One TCI Evo 2 group Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • CC102 Compact with POD & Auto-Steam
  • Cinoart PT2 Auto Tamper
  • Conti CC101TC Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • Conti CC102TC Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • Conti CC103TC Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • Conti MC Ultima - 2 group
  • Conti MC Ultima - 3 group
  • Conti Monte Carlo - M2 Coffee Machine
  • Conti Monte Carlo - M3 Coffee Machine
  • Conti Monte Carlo M2 - White & Wood Coffee Machine
  • Conti X-One EVO 2 group Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • Conti X-One EVO 3 group Coffee Machine - Tall Cup
  • Conti X-One TCI Evo 3 group Coffee Machine - Tall Cup

Conti Espresso Machines: Quality and Reliability Built In

Just one of the many reasons that Conti espresso machines are held in such high regard by baristas is their quality and reliability. Conti espresso machines are hand-crafted using only premium materials and components, ensuring they are built to last and will deliver consistent performance day after day. Conti coffee machines are also known for their energy efficiency and eco-friendly features, such as their auto shut-off and standby modes, helping coffee shops reduce their environmental impact and make some all-important savings on unpredictable energy costs.

Conti espresso machines are the baristas’ choice from small independent cafés to high-end speciality coffee houses. The Conti CC100 espresso machine range is often the choice of smaller coffee shops and restaurants. These compact and reliable machines can deliver consistent results in a limited space, with 1-group, 2-group and 3-group models that fit tall cups, making an efficient takeaway service much easier. Conti Monte Carlo and Conti MC Ultima espresso machines are often found in bigger, busier coffee shops that demand exceptional reliability, performance and durability to handle near-constant use. Conti X-One Evo espresso machines are generally the choice of speciality coffee shops and artisanal roasters that appreciate craftsmanship and customisation. We offer training on how to use Conti coffee machines at our school of training

Conti CC100 Espresso Machine Range

The Conti CC100 espresso machine range offers compact and versatile espresso machines that are ideal for small to medium-sized coffee shops, restaurants and cafés. Conti CC100 machines are known for their user-friendly features, including pre-infusion and temperature control options, allowing baristas to achieve consistent and precise extraction of espresso shots. CC100 espresso machines are classically designed with just a hint of retro styling and will look fantastic in any coffee shop. 

Conti Monte Carlo Espresso Machine Range

The Conti Monte Carlo espresso machine range is a premium collection of coffee machines designed for high-volume commercial use. Conti Monte Carlo machines boast features such as multiple boilers and heat zones, allowing independent fine-tuning of each group head. This allows baristas to produce espresso shots with unparalleled precision and consistency for different bean origins and roast profiles. Monte Carlo machines are durable and dependable, a top choice for busy coffee shops that demand high performance. 

Conti MC Ultima Espresso Machine Range

The Conti MC Ultima espresso machine range is another exceptional product line that caters to speciality coffee shops and artisanal roasters. These machines are known for their cutting-edge technology, including intuitive, touchscreen displays, shot timers and advanced pressure profiling, enabling baristas to experiment and fine-tune their espresso extraction to achieve the perfect flavour. Conti MC Ultima coffee machines also feature sleek and modern designs with customisation options - making them a stylish addition to any speciality coffee shop or boutique café. 

Conti X-One Evo Espresso Machine Range

Conti X-One Evo espresso machines are a unique line that combines traditional espresso machine design with innovative features. Conti X-One Evo coffee machines are known for their lever-operated groups, which provide baristas with precise control over the brewing process, allowing unique and highly customised espresso shots. These espresso machines also feature advanced features such as shot timers, adjustable pressure profiles and precision pre-infusion settings, making them the ideal choice for coffee shops that prioritise craftsmanship and innovation.