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Barista training courses Worcestershire - learn how to make beautiful coffee

Whether you are new to the coffee world, setting up a new coffee shop or just generally want to improve your barista skills, we have tailored barista courses to suit your needs. So often people underestimate how much goes into creating the perfect coffee and on occasion the barista training is left right until the last minute which can be very stressful.

As there is so much to learn about coffee we feel very strongly that it's best to offer tailored courses to small groups of people to ensure that you really get the best out of the training at The Midlands School of Coffee.

Booking a place

To enquire about the dates of our barista training courses, just call our office on 01905 571007 or email


£85 + VAT Per Person - 20% Discount for group bookings

Perfection doesn’t make itself. However, through the right guidance you too can become a coffee master.

So what does the course cover?

The course starts with a brief history of coffee, how its grown and harvested.

Followed by an explanation to what an espresso is, showing which baskets are essential for what coffee your planning to make.

Being able to consistently, clean the basket, dose the correct amount of coffee, tamp at the correct pressure, and ensure for a perfect extraction.

Basic cover of the importance of the grinder, which is one of the most important factors to ensure your coffee tastes the best it can.

Hands on learning how each drink is made, from your latte’s to your macchiatos, making sure that you have a broad knowledge.

What makes the perfect milk, from temperature to foam for each drink.

The very basics of latte art. A heart on a coffee goes a long way especially for a customer receiving the drink.

Cleaning and maintenance of the machine.


£115 + VAT Per Person - 20% Discount for group bookings

For the people who think coffee is the nectar of life and want the extensive knowledge. For the ‘almost there’ coffee masters.

This course includes all the above with the addition of: The cycle of how coffee starts its journey from bean to cup.

Extensive coverage on grinder knowledge. Being able to set and time the grinder to ensure that the does and extraction time is correct.

Latte art - how to make a heart, rosetta or tulip. Being able to fully set up a coffee machine, from programming the buttons to in-depth cleaning.

Barista Training for TRADE Customers

Coffee Masters offer FREE basic barista training for our regular, trade customers and for anyone buying a new coffee machine - contact us for more info.

Coffee Masters' Barista Training Courses (Worcestershire & West Midlands)