Blendtec Spare Jar

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Blendtec Spare Jar

The Blendtec FourSide jug is a 64oz (1.9 litre) BPA-free jar with 3" wingtip blades. This 64oz capacity jar pulls the liquid through the blades much faster than other makes of blender jar.

The clever shape is ergonomically designed to allow 3 way pouring, and is suitable for blending both wet and dry ingredients. Comes fitted with a 3 inch wing-tip blade.

Please note that it doesn't come with the lid - that needs to be purchased separately.


What is BPA Free?

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a cancer-causing industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic, epoxy resins and other products. It was found to leach out from many food and beverage containers including those used by our babies and children. BPA Free means that there is no Bisphenol-A in the Eastman Tritan material used in the jug.