Quamar M80E On-Demand Grinder

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Quamar M80E On-Demand Grinder

Performance ReDefined!

Even your most aromatic coffee will result in great taste on the electronic doserless Quamar M80E. The unbelievable on-demand controls have great flexibility and easy press buttons for 1, 2 & 3 cup doses, including a digital display.

Here are 7 reasons why we promote this grinder above its competition

  1. There are not 1, nor 2, BUT 3 programmable dosage buttons each with their own programmed time down to 1/20th of a second increments.
  2. The M80E can be programmed with a 'wear and tear' reminder for burr replacements. This programming is based on the number of doses engaged. There is no longer a need to keep track of usage separately.
  3. There is a programmable sleep feature for the M80E grinder - the operator can program how many minutes of inactivity will power down the grinder and further enhance the useful life of the digital display.
  4. The display can be programmed to show any details you want. For example, a coffeehouse may have 4 of these grinders. Three can have the display show each blend that each grinder uses, and the fourth can display decaf so it becomes a dedicated decaf grinder.
  5. The time and date can be programmed as well as the brightness of the digital display. One can also choose from multiple languages.
  6. The dosage counter really helps coffeehouses in monitoring productivity and sales. There is total count, partial count, and count for last 30 days.
  7. You can colour match it with your coffee machine - find out more.


  • On/off switch for grinder on right hand side.
  • Micro-stepped adjustment of grind settings.
  • Body: aluminium
  • Coffee bean container: plastic, 500 g - 1,2 kg capacity
  • Dosing device: Programmable setting, for single, double and triple dose, with digital visual display
  • Grinding blades: 63 mm special stainless steel, flat
  • R.P.M.: 1.400 (50Hz) – 1.600 (60Hz)
  • Tension, power: 110-120 V – 50/60 Hz, 460 W, 220-240 V – 50/60 Hz, 420 W, 380-400 V – 50/60 Hz, 230 W
  • Dimensions: 160 x 290 x 510 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Net weight: 11,3 kg
  • Packaging dimensions: 332 x 222 x 565 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Gross weight: 13 kg
  • Volume: 0,042 m3
  • Suggested daily production: up to 3,5 kg/day
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