Puly Bar Igienic Spray Cleaner

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Puly Bar Igienic Spray Cleaner - 1L

When roasted coffee beans are sitting in your grinder they release oil on the surface of the hopper (and the dispenser if you have a dispensing grinder) and these oils oxidise fairly quickly, turning rancid and giving bad flavour to the fresh coffee beans later inserted in the grinder.

Pull Bar Igienic is specifically formulated to help you melt down the deposited fat, preventing the oxidative process both inside the hopper and the dispenser. Its cleaning action makes it particularly suitable for cleaning all surfaces: Polycarbonates, glass, stainless steel, painted surfaces, marble etc.

It leaves neither residue or odours, it does not require rinsing and is self drying (in approx. 10 seconds).

  • Comes in a 1L bottle with a spray nozzle for easy use
  • Fast odour-free cleaning on virtually all surfaces
  • No need to rinse off after use
  • Ideal for pubs, clubs and cafes
  • Fast, safe and effective
  • World-leading brand
  • Leaves no residue
  • A must have product for any serious barista


  • Spray
  • Wipe with a clean cloth
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Be impressed with how clean and sparkly it looks