Mahlkonig K30 Vario On-Demand

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Mahlkonig K30 Vario On-Demand Grinder

Grind on demand guarantees that every coffee is made using freshly ground beans, especially important in espresso as very finely ground coffee goes stale very quickly. Many manufacturers have tried to modify their existing grinders in to grind on demand versions, the K30 was built as a grind on demand grinder from the ground up, making it the most consistent grinder in its class and it has been selected for use in the World Barista Championships.

It’s not only fresh but quick too grinding a double in under 5 seconds, the group handle support means that your hands are free during grinding too.


  • Hopper capacity - 1.5kg
  • Grind Speed - approx 4g/second
  • Grinder disc diameter - 65mm
  • Grind Adjustment - stepless
  • Grind retention - 4grams
  • Burr life - 800kg
  • Power - 800Watts
  • Dimensions - 240W, 550H, 320D
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