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Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

Good coffee is a lifestyle. More than just a hot drink to get you through the day, each cup is a precious moment, whether savoured in solitude or treasured with family and friends. At Coffee Masters, we want to bring the warmth, joy and solace of a good cup of coffee into everyday lives, returning to coffee as an art form rather than coffee to suffice. Our commercial espresso coffee machines are therefore designed to inspire creativity and exploration, giving you the tools, control and inspiration you need to make the perfect coffee every time.

What Are Espresso Machines?

Commercial espresso coffee machines are designed to deliver the rich intensity of pure Italian coffee both quickly and conveniently. They essentially push small quantities of hot water through densely packed ground coffee beans, to produce a complex concentration of flavours directly in your cup. Indeed, this pressure also results in a creamy, characteristic crema, crowning your coffee in caramel-coloured glory. Of course, the precision control offered by espresso coffee machines means you can expand your menu even further, creating custom combinations guaranteed to please any palette.

How Do You Use Commercial Espresso Machines?

Traditional shots of espresso coffee tend to be prepared with dark roasted coffee beans, full of deep, full-bodied flavour. Nevertheless, you can use all kinds of coffee beans to create your own unique brew. Every coffee has its 'sweet-spot' and you’ll need to discover the correct grind size prior to inserting your ground coffee beans into your espresso machine, especially if you’re looking to create true espressos. We recommend playing with different flavour profiles until you find your own preferred blend.

Step 1: Grind your coffee beans

Espresso machines work best with freshly ground coffee beans. They simply taste better. Before filling and using your espresso coffee machine, you will need to grind your own coffee beans – using a commercial coffee grinder.

Step 2: Fill Your Portafilter

On an espresso machine, portafilters are used to hold your coffee grounds and extract your espresso under high pressure, and they usually come in two different sizes – single or double. Select the right sized portafilter and fill it with your coffee grounds.

Step 3: Tamp Your Grounds

You will then need to tamp your coffee grounds to compress them. Do this by pressing firmly and evenly using a coffee tamper and remember to remove excess coffee grounds from the rim of the portafilter before moving on.

Step 4: Connect And Brew

Insert your portafilter, filled with compressed grounds, to the group head of your espresso coffee machine and select the desired settings to extract your espresso.

Step 5: Full Steam Ahead

Using the steam wand on your espresso machine, you can froth your milk as your coffee brews. Owing to the precision and skill required, many coffee experts consider this an art in and of itself. With care, add the milk to your espresso shot, and enjoy your drink.

The Benefits of Espresso Coffee Machines

If you’re looking to create café-quality coffees with precision control, a commercial espresso machine will be the right choice for you. Whilst these machines do require a certain level of practice and skill to operate, the quality and creative possibilities they offer allow them to stand out from the crowd.

Here are our top six reasons why you should consider purchasing your own quality espresso machine:

Quality Coffee in Record Time

One of the best things about commercial espresso coffee machines is that you can prepare quality coffee in a relatively short time. Although you will need to put in a bit of additional effort if grinding your own coffee beans, you can froth your milk as your coffee brews, allowing you to create artful cups of barista-style coffee without the wait.

Quality Creations

The difference between acceptable coffee and drinks that inspire is passion. At Coffee Masters, we strive to put that passion into every cup, which is why the espresso machines we supply are designed to encourage experimentation. Stay on top of the latest trends, explore different flavour profiles and play with designs. It’s all about crafting great coffees, not just making them.

Quality Flavour

Whilst we all have different preferences when it comes to coffee, if there’s one thing we can agree on, it's that there’s nothing more wonderful than that rich, full-bodied taste. Whether you prefer your coffee to have a bitter tang, treasure nutty undertones or crave something sugary-sweet, our top-of-the-range espresso machines give you the freedom to refine your coffees to your own personal tastes. What better way to develop a stunning coffee menu for your valued customers?

Quality Control

From exact temperature settings to the length of time you aerate your milk, our expert espresso machines empower you to create professional-grade coffees for your customers and team. Explore parameters like café-quality milk steaming to truly hone your skills.

Quality of Life

Not only will our excellent espresso machines enhance your own quality of life, but they’re also great for the planet. They don’t produce waste like pod-based machines and are also designed to be as energy-efficient as possible – with some even including an eco-mode – to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Quality Construction

Investing in a commercial espresso machine is a big decision. Whether you plan on using yours to serve delightful coffees to your loyal customers or simply want to reward your team, it’s important to ensure you choose a quality machine that’s built to last. Our outstanding espresso machines are built with only the best materials, ensuring they will stand the test of time in terms of both durability and style.

Our Commercial Espresso Machines

At Coffee Masters, our mission is to make coffee excellence an everyday experience rather than an occasional exception. When you choose one of our industry-leading espresso makers, you’re guaranteed to get café-quality coffee every time. Stick to your tried-and-tested favourites or tap into your creativity and explore new recipes – the possibilities are endless.

Key Features To Look Out For In A Commercial Espresso Machine

The exact features and fittings that come with your espresso machine will vary depending on the model you choose. However, there are certain specifications we recommend looking out for:

Electronic Displays

Electronic displays not only make things look more modern but also make your espresso machine much easier to use. The display will keep track of machine temperature whilst also timing your extraction, meaning you can confidently get on with preparing the milk and deliver finished coffees more efficiently.

Steam Wands

Look for a machine with a high-quality steam wand. A good-quality espresso machine steam wand should have between two and four small steam holes (not just one) and should swivel around to facilitate better manual angle control.

Group Heads

Decide how many group heads you think you will need to best suit you. Machines can come in a single, double or triple group option – we would recommend discussing with us before making any decisions as our knowledge and expertise can help point you in the right direction.

Extra Features

Eco-mode is a great additional feature that lowers the boiler temperature overnight or during quieter periods, but also means the heat up time is significantly quicker than switching on from cold. Another feature which will feel like a lifesaver is the auto clean procedure, which will save you time and allow you to be more productive when cleaning down your espresso machine. With the simple click of a button, the auto clean feature will start and stop automatically.

Why choose Coffee Masters?

When looking to purchase any kind of coffee machine, it’s important to choose a supplier that’s equally as passionate about good coffee as you are. At Coffee Masters, we don’t just supply espresso machines. We’re here to advise you on usage and the best possible espresso maker for your needs. As dedicated javaphiles, we live and breathe coffee, giving us an expert edge over our competitors. Indeed, our unrivalled insight into the best commercial coffee machines is guaranteed to give you the best possible results and flavours.

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Espresso coffee machines | FAQs

Can you make cappuccinos with an espresso machine?

Yes! It’s perfectly possible to make creamy cappuccino with an espresso machine. Simply brew a shot of espresso into your cup then froth double the amount of milk under your steam wand until it doubles in size. Pour the resulting frothed milk on top of the espresso shot in your cup or mug and voilà! You’ve got yourself a perfect cappuccino. Of course, you can play around with other parameters too, adding your own syrups, sugars and flavours for an alternative coffee treat.

Can you make lattes with an espresso machine?

Of course! Making lattes with our top-of-the-range espresso machine couldn’t be easier. Simply pour your espresso shot into the bottom of your latte glass, then fill your milk jug with the desired amount of milk. Use the steam wand to create your foam, then pour your frothed milk onto your espresso, holding the jug quite high for maximum effect. Lower the jug as you continue to pour, ensuring the angle gets slightly steeper as you reach the top of the glass.

Can you make mochas with an espresso machine?

Mochas are actually one of the easiest drinks to make with an espresso machine. All you need to do is add your chocolate powder to your milk in the jug. Simply pour the chocolate mix onto your espresso and the milk will naturally fold in on itself as it hits the back of the cup, creating the desired effect. Some people like to use stencils to sprinkle chocolate powder on top for more fanciful designs.

Can you make hot chocolate with an espresso machine?

Absolutely! It’s as simple as adding chocolate powder to the milk in your jug, then steaming it as you would for any other hot drink. The best technique tends to be to start swirling the milk after the first few seconds, keeping it tilted as you go. Of course, everyone has their own methods, and you can explore your own possibilities too.

How do you clean an espresso machine?

It’s important to clean your espresso machine regularly to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria. The exact cleaning process will depend on the make and model of the machine you choose. Nevertheless, it’s generally best to stick to non-toxic cleaning spray for the external panels of the espresso machine. Make sure you regularly clean your portafilters and group heads using a group head cleaning brush and espresso machine cleaner. For more precise cleaning instructions, consult your user manual or contact Coffee Masters for advice.

Are commercial espresso coffee machines worth it?

We’d definitely say so, yes. Whilst commercial espresso machines tend to be more expensive than other types of coffee makers, such as pod-based machines, they can serve a much larger customer base and don’t require any replacement parts like additional pods. This makes each cup you serve cheaper in the long run. What’s more, commercial espresso machines allow you to make a much greater variety of café-quality coffees, each customised to your specific menu. The only time we would advise against espresso machines is if you’re looking for a quick-and-easy commercial coffee maker that requires little skill or expertise to operate. In such cases, we’d suggest opting for one of our fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines instead.

Can I use ground coffee in an espresso machine?

Absolutely. Espresso machines operate by pushing hot water through a filter full of densely packed ground coffee beans, using pressure. Whilst it’s best to use a dark roast and grind your own beans, other types of freshly ground coffee can also be used, as long as they are fine enough to produce an ideal espresso shot.

Are espresso machines better than pods?

Espresso machines boast numerous advantages over coffee pods. First of all, you won’t produce any excess waste, which may harm the environment, and you won’t have to keep purchasing new pods, either. Moreover, you will have greater control over the variety of drinks you can make with an espresso machine. Coffee pods on the other hand come in predetermined blends and flavours that cannot be adjusted. Whilst coffee pods work well in individual homes, they are not well suited to commercial use, particularly in creative café settings, proving more expensive and, more often than not, cutting corners on flavour.